30 April 2009

received atc's

Those beautiful embroidered atc's came from Anne L. from France.
The cross stitches are very tiny, click on the photo to see the fine work!
This is my third swap with Anne and I am always surprised with the fine work.
Thank you Anne!

28 April 2009

Lisa's RR block

This is a RR block, it belongs to Lisa B. (USA)
The size is 12 inch, 30 cm. square.
Lisa wrote in her booklet : " Think Spring " !
We are in the Yahoo group Crazy Quilt International.
When the block arrived at my home I felt in love with the colors and the fabrics Lisa used to patch this block. Therefore it was not difficult for me to work on it.
First, I stitched all the empty seams with different threads and different stitches.
After that I made the apple blossom branch in the corner on the lace piece.
Then I sewed down the pink needle-lace flowers. This are "oyas".
I bought them from Rengin's Etsy shop. ( which you can find in my sidebar).
In Turkey are ladies who made this nice work to use on the edges of their shawls.
Then I added all the beads to my seams and two glass butterflies.
I didn't want to embroider too much on the fragile old lace. It is so nice that the pink plain fabric comes through.
Now the block goes to Gerry K. and I am convinced that Gerry will do her magic on this block and add some birds and bees and other creatures which fly around in the Spring.
Below the block how it came to me.
As always you can click on the photos to enlarge.

27 April 2009

Album Amicorum page

This Album Amicorum page came today from Willeke in the Netherlands. A little piece of Holland , she wrote on the back.
The size of an AA page is 6x8 inch, 15x20 cm.
Thank you Willeke, it looks lovely!

25 April 2009

Fabric collage

Fabric wall-hanging for the renovated guest room. The size is 24x20 inch, 61x51 cm.
Photo taken outside, in the sun on the ground.
That's why it doesn't look straight ;) But it is !!
This winter my DH has renovated a guest room.
Painted, new wall-paper and I sewed new curtains and a new wall-decoration.

23 April 2009

AA page for Janny

This Album Amicorum page is for Janny in the Netherlands. Janny is a gardener, so I thought some garden tools are welcome :)
A little kitty for the company too.
The size is 15x20cm, 6x8 inch.
On the back a little poem.

21 April 2009

AA page for Willeke

This piece of Crazy quilt is an Album Amicorum page made for Willeke in the Netherlands.
The size is 15x20 cm, 6x8 inch.

20 April 2009

today in my mailbox

I have got my "Kandinsky" quiltie from Val (GB).
We are in the Yahoo group 'Unlimited Textiles'.
This quiltie is 5 inch, 12,5 cm square.
I like it very much, it is beautiful made.
The green is a kind of organza. Kandinsky had many different paintings in his life.
It is nice that Val made something very different from mine :-)

19 April 2009

in my mailbox....

This is an Album Amicorum page, made for me, by Joke from Sweden.
Joke is original from Amsterdam, so, she made a Dutch, Delft blue tile for me and on the back the song "Tulips from Amsterdam".
Thank you very much Joke , it is beautiful and made with love!
The size is 6x8 inch, 15x20 cm.

17 April 2009

Online Quilt festival, Spring 2009

There is a quilt festival going on.
Don't worry, you don't have to travel. You can see them all here.
Did I tell you about one of my favorite quilts which I made in 1994?
It is a hand applique quilt in Baltimore style. The patterns are from the books of Elly Sienkiewicz. The border pattern is my own.
I made this quilt because I liked the old patterns so much and at that time it was a challenge for me to make such a quilt. Many different applique techniques are used here.
I have hand quilted it in two months because it should be ready for my first exhibition in the Netherlands in November 1994.
The size is 139 cm. 54,5 inch square.
My second favorite quilt can you see here. Also hand sewn and hand quilted.
It seems I had much energy in 1994 :)

16 April 2009

Fabric book pages

This is a fabric book page made for Doreen in Australia.
Doreen's theme is "Butterflies". The size is 15 cm, 6 inch square. Below the back.
We have a monthly swap in the Yahoo group Fibre Fever.

At the same time Ritva in Finland made a page for me. My theme is "cottage garden".
It is a beautiful page, the third in my book, 9 to come :-))
Thanks a lot Ritva!

15 April 2009

in my mailbox

A very nice surprise in my mailbox.
I won a hank of Sassa Lynne perle fine on the give away from Myfanwy's blog Sassa Lynne.
I love this thread, it is so nice to work with, I use it a lot in my CQ work.
Thank you so much for your generosity Myfanwy!
On the right side of the photo a beautiful needlefelt-mix atc from Helga ( Germany) and a very nice card.
Thank you for this swap Helga!

13 April 2009

Quiltie "Kandinsky".

Quiltie made for the Yahoo group "Unlimited Textiles".
The April theme is Kandinsky.
The size is 5 inch, 12,5 cm square.
My inspiration was the painting below.

Composition VIII 1923. Wassily Kandinsky 1866-1944

11 April 2009

Album Amicorum page

This is a fabric page 15x20 cm, 6x8 inch. It is for an Album Amicorum ( a friends book)for Joke in Sweden. I met Joke on Stichin' fingers months ago and saw on her blog that she is swapping those pages with friends. I like that idea very much and asked her if she also would swap such a page with me. This one has arrived in Sweden now and when the page from Joke arrives here, I will show that too.
On the back of those pages is a poem or a proverb, your name and date.
The poem I wrote is from Toon Hermans:

Alles is heimwee
Wolken en water
Alles is heimwee
Naar vroeger.....naar later
Vroeger is over
Later.....een ster
Gisteren is oud
En morgen nog ver.

free translation:
Everything is nostalgia
Clouds and water
everything is nostalgia
to the past...and the future
the past is gone
the future .. a star
yesterday is old
and tomorrow so far.

08 April 2009

in my mailbox

This 3D atc with the bird came from Lubna (UK) and the lovely fabric postcard with an Easter card came from Maureen Cross (UK). Thank you both very much. It was a nice surprise :)

04 April 2009

needlefelt atc's

A while ago I made those needlefelt atc's. Only the one in the middle is available for a swap, the other two are already gone. If you like to swap, please go to my Flickr page and write a comment under the atc you like to get.
note on april 6: all are swapped now.