23 April 2009

AA page for Janny

This Album Amicorum page is for Janny in the Netherlands. Janny is a gardener, so I thought some garden tools are welcome :)
A little kitty for the company too.
The size is 15x20cm, 6x8 inch.
On the back a little poem.


Janny said...

Yes, and I like it very well. Thank you Ati, I am making you an other too. The foundation is ready now.

wilma said...

Beautiful pages Ati, I think janny and Willeke will be very happy with them!

Doreen G said...

Another beautiful page Ati.

Anonymous said...

O wat leuk is hij geworden Ati.
Is mooi weer hier dus ga weer in de tuin zitten.
Ben al hard aan het nadenken wat ik allemaal moet inpakken.

Groetjes Joke

Heather said...

you have very interesting work. Thanks for sharing.

Alis said...

It is beautiful Ati. I love the little kitty ;0)

Your work is so precise and so very beautiful.