25 April 2009

Fabric collage

Fabric wall-hanging for the renovated guest room. The size is 24x20 inch, 61x51 cm.
Photo taken outside, in the sun on the ground.
That's why it doesn't look straight ;) But it is !!
This winter my DH has renovated a guest room.
Painted, new wall-paper and I sewed new curtains and a new wall-decoration.


Genie said...

A beautiful work of Art in beautiful setting Ati.
have a great weekend

Nicole D. said...

I have just visited your blog...
Your quilting work seems very creative.. I like it..
I'ill come back again.


Carol said...

I absolutely love your wall hanging. Is it your own design?

Hideko Ishida 石田英子 said...

I love this work very much. It's a modern art.