28 April 2009

Lisa's RR block

This is a RR block, it belongs to Lisa B. (USA)
The size is 12 inch, 30 cm. square.
Lisa wrote in her booklet : " Think Spring " !
We are in the Yahoo group Crazy Quilt International.
When the block arrived at my home I felt in love with the colors and the fabrics Lisa used to patch this block. Therefore it was not difficult for me to work on it.
First, I stitched all the empty seams with different threads and different stitches.
After that I made the apple blossom branch in the corner on the lace piece.
Then I sewed down the pink needle-lace flowers. This are "oyas".
I bought them from Rengin's Etsy shop. ( which you can find in my sidebar).
In Turkey are ladies who made this nice work to use on the edges of their shawls.
Then I added all the beads to my seams and two glass butterflies.
I didn't want to embroider too much on the fragile old lace. It is so nice that the pink plain fabric comes through.
Now the block goes to Gerry K. and I am convinced that Gerry will do her magic on this block and add some birds and bees and other creatures which fly around in the Spring.
Below the block how it came to me.
As always you can click on the photos to enlarge.


M. Regina said...


Sharon said...

Ati your work is so beautiful. It is so interesting that one stops and lingers trying to take it all in. Just wonderful. Sharon

Cathy K said...

Ati, your stitching is rich and beautiful, as it always is. I love your delicate apple blossoms and seam treatments. I would love to be in a round robin with you some day. Lisa is very lucky! Hugs, Cathy

Noelia said...

Hello Ati,
I love crazy, but it's difficult with these lot of stitches. You embroidery very, very well!!
If you like more embroidery desings in this blog Jenny makes wonderful things!

Have a nice day!!

Murgelchen94 said...

Ati, you have done a wonderful work.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Hello Ati! What beautiful work you do with your crazy patchwork - so pretty and delicate. :-)