20 May 2009

fabric book pages

Fabric book page made for Helga, for the Fibre Fever group.
Helga's theme is "Angels among us". The fist idea when I read Helga's theme in January was to use a person's photo, like mother Theresa or Florance Nightingale.
Helga received the page today and she wrote to me that this was her idea too.
She was very happy with this page. ppfff..... :-)
the size is 15cm, 6 "square. Below the back.
And below that, the page I received, have a look, beautiful made!!

At the same time I made Helga's page, Mieke in the Netherlands made this page for me. My theme is a country garden. Mieke made a page with strawberries, I love it! Not only flowers in my garden book, but also fruit and vegetables.


Sharon said...

I love your angels among us. It is just beautiful. Sharon

Ann Flowers said...

I love your cq fabric pages. Yours turned out so nicely. I was wondering what you do with the pages? Do they make a book. This is new to me. Again your work is stunning!!

Plays with Needles said...

That Mother Teresa page is very lovely...I saved it to my inspiration file...