08 May 2009

Fiber book page

CQ work, size 15x15cm. 6x6". This is a fabric book page made for Jeanne.
Jeanne and I are in the group Fibre Fever and we do a book page swap this year.
Although Jeanne had to drop out because of serious an eye disease I felt so sorry for her and made a page all the same. She has received it now so I can show it to you too.
Jeanne theme is ' the four seasons' and I made 'summer'.
Summer is for me: humming insects, strawberries and flowers.


cq4fun said...

How pretty it is. It will make a nice addition to her collection. Now I have to go backward and see what you have been doing! I'm so out of touch!

maya said...

It's very beautiful!

Nathalie L. said...

J'aime votre blog, depuis toujours, c'est une émerveillement à chaque fois.
Merci pour votre blog.