04 May 2009

Today's tittle is.. Empty jar

today's title is... Empty Jar.
Those jars are in my window pane for years now.
They stood in my mothers living room for years also.
When she died 14 years ago I got them.
I like to see how the green colors change in the different light from outside.
They are both green, the one on the right is very old.


miekenoor said...

Those jars look empty but they are full of memories I guess...who beautiful the are. How do you keep the dust from them, go a special dustfairy ;-)

M. Regina said...

Beautiful the jars. I love old jars,hugs from Brazil

Alis said...

The jars are beautiful. I love the shape of them both.
I have a big soft spot for glass ornaments. They are different each time you look at them.

cq4fun said...

I love jars, and those are really pretty ones. Do you know if they started out clear? We have seen some that have been in the sun that turned purple, blue or green after years. I've even seen an amber one or two. They say it depends on what mineral impurities are in the glass from the manufacturing of it.

Lorenza said...

They are very nice, I love yars, me too I have some old ones