29 June 2009

part of my WISP quilt

This is again a part of my WISP ( work in slow progress) quilt. the size of this block is 16x8 inch, 20x40 cm. When all the blocks are done and set together it will measure 120x120cm. and hopefully becomes a nice lap-quilt, soft and warm. I do only embroidery on this quilt, no lace, no beads. It is a challenge to use as many different seams as possible.
I made all the blocks from old wool clothes, 2 blouses, 2 skirts and a dress. Never trowed them away because of the good quality and the nice colors. My fave colors for my clothes!

26 June 2009

Gerry's RR block "Gypsy Rose".

Above is Gerry's block with work on it from Lisa, Meg and Wendy.
Gerry's block after my work. I added the gypsy girl, the roses and flowers around her.
The seam left from her, the buttontrail, the little heart and wood flower on the top left.
This block is 30 cm and belongs to Gerry K. and flies home next week.

25 June 2009

Round Robin block home

Here is my RR block, embellished by Gerry K. Lisa, Meg and Wendy. All members of the Yahoo group Crazy quilt international.
They have done beautiful work!! Please click on the photo to see the beautiful embroidery and beading details. Thank you ladies, I am very pleased with my block :)

24 June 2009

Spring blooms swap received.

This lovely mini-quilt came in my mailbox yesterday. It is made by Holly Elam. AL, USA.
The size is 20x16 inch, 51x40 cm.

21 June 2009

Fathers day ~ Hurray :-)

Fathers day, he has had a very !! nice day, fishing trout in a lake nearby, with success!
( photo made for our daughters ;-)

AA swap

Album Amicorum page made for Ria in the Netherlands, size 15x20 cm. 6x8 inch.
We did a private swap. Below the page I have got from Ria.

17 June 2009

in my mailbox

This is a fabric book page made for me by Maureen ( Australia).
Maureen is also a member of the Fibre fever group.
My theme is "a cottage garden". the size is 6", 15 cm. square.
Isn't it fabulous?

15 June 2009

fabric book page

Fabric book page made for Helinä in Finland. Helinä 's theme is "walk in the woods".
This is a monthly swap in the Fibre fever group.
The size is 6 inch, 15 cm. square.

06 June 2009

in my mailbox

Yesterday I got this lovely quiltie in my mailbox. It is made by Jane Rogerson ( GB) .
We are in the Unlimited Textiles group. The quiltie is 5 inch square.

04 June 2009

fabric paper postcards

Postcards made from fabric paper. It is always handy to have some cards in stock :)
The lady on the photo is the grandmother of my grandmother :)
Here is the link; how to make fabric paper.