29 June 2009

part of my WISP quilt

This is again a part of my WISP ( work in slow progress) quilt. the size of this block is 16x8 inch, 20x40 cm. When all the blocks are done and set together it will measure 120x120cm. and hopefully becomes a nice lap-quilt, soft and warm. I do only embroidery on this quilt, no lace, no beads. It is a challenge to use as many different seams as possible.
I made all the blocks from old wool clothes, 2 blouses, 2 skirts and a dress. Never trowed them away because of the good quality and the nice colors. My fave colors for my clothes!


Ann Flowers said...

This will make a beautiful lap quilt.I think your doing a fantastic job on doing different seams. I will watch with anticipation:)

Anonymous said...

Wat mooi Ati, dat word zeker een heel mooi quilt.
Is het bij jou ook zo heet!! en benauwd!
Hier het is +30 en gisteren hadden we een vochtigheid van 80% niet normaal.
Groetjes Joke

desertskyquilts said...

How pretty that block is. Love the colors you are working.