28 July 2009

red currant jelly

This morning we picked a bucket full red currants. They went trough the same procedure as the black currants last week.
I have end up with 12 jars jelly. 550 gram each.
Delicious on a slice new baked bread :-)

26 July 2009

made for Marina

This 4x4 fabric-paper art and the crazy-quilt atc are made for Marina in Spain in return for the beautiful art she sent me last week.
I hope she likes what I send her.

25 July 2009

More mail

A beautiful 4x4 fabric art piece and an atc from Marina PĂ©rez Paris ( Spain).
Marina and I did a private swap.
I have to make an 4x4 from my fabric paper and a fabric atc for Marina now.
This is a "summer swap" baggie from Linda from the Yahoo group 'Unlimited textiles'.
Normally we swap a 5x5 quiltie but during the summer months we have a 'stash swap'.
Many goodies here, at the moment I have no plans what to make of it but they will come, I am sure!

24 July 2009

in my mailbox

This week in my mailbox: a fabric postcard plus a 6 inch fabric art quiltie and metallic thread from Helga. ( Germany)

A birthday baggie from Hideko. (Japan)

Two books to improve my fabric art and as an inspiration for new ideas.
A birthday present from my DH.
The modern necklace was a present from my youngest daughter and the luxury French soap and the little dish from my eldest daughter.

You see, I am spoiled this week !!

23 July 2009

Empty bushes, full jars

Today I have made jam from black currants.
We have four bushes in our garden and this year we have very much fruit. I had 5 liter when I had it trough the stir-sieve.
It is much work but the jam is delicious.
Much vitamins C, minerals and anti-oxidants for the coming winter :-)

21 July 2009

postcards from fabric paper

Postcards made from the
fabric paper I made a while ago.
They all have found a new home!

18 July 2009

Fabric book pages

This is a fabric book page I have made for Janny in the Netherlands.
Janny's theme is "Vintage".
The size of this page is 6", 15 cm. square.
Below the page Lise from Norway made for me this month.
My theme is "cottage garden". Lise did a wonderful job.
This is what a cottage entry should look, don't you agree with me?

13 July 2009

received atc's

Last week I wasn't stitching but the postman came with two surprises :)
An atc from Helga ( Germany) on the left. The photo doesn't justice the nice made atc. It is all shiny organza and shiny threads, beautiful made.

On the right a generosity atc from Frieda (GB). I admire always the work she makes.
Thank you both very much!

09 July 2009

Not stitching but quality time :)

Our youngest daughter with her 2 children are with us this week.
We visited a special stone which is like a mushroom. The waves of the sea and the tide have shaped that form. They also found very nice round pebbles.
Our grandson, Richard ( 10 years) made this jigsaw from 500 pieces!

Quality time

Our granddaughter Angela ( 6 years old) learning knitting from me :)

04 July 2009

in my mailbox

From Hannie in the Netherlands a fantastic postcard and an atc. I like them both very much, thank you Hannie :) I will send her a fabric paper postcard in return when they are ready.

02 July 2009

fabric paper

Yesterday I made a new piece of fabric paper. I have got old music-papers from my SIL and nice paper napkins from Maureen (GB)
Now I have to iron it, cut it up to postcards and atc's and add some embroidery or something else. If you scroll down on this blog you find the receipt how to make it at my first piece :)

01 July 2009

Album Amicorum pages

I almost forgot to show you the Album Amicorum pages (15x20cm.) which I have sent and received last week. Above the page I made for Lida ( the Netherlands).
Lida wrote to me that she likes blue and moss-green.
Below the lovely page Lida made for me. On the backs a little poem.
We did a private swap.