30 August 2009

little news....

Here are two fabric paper postcards and the right one is an atc.

I cannot show you the AA page I have made and the one I am making now because it has to be a surprise for the receiver and I know they read my blog;)

From an other part of fabric paper I made those. The postcards are in my Etsy shop and the atc is for trade on my Flickr page.

And in the evenings I am knitting........

I am amost halfway the right front part. Had to unpick about 14 cm. because of a failure in the cables. GGrrr *!!#!*:(*!!!!

23 August 2009

fabric paper and knitting

A half our ago I was ready making a new piece of fabric paper.
It is still very wet from the glue/water.
It has to lie for a few days before I can do something else with it.
I made it with the intention as a background to make AA pages for a swap we do in a little group.
Below an update from my knitting. The left front piece is ready.
The white threads are a help to get the right piece similar but with 5 buttonholes.
I don't have a pattern or a book, I just knit.....
Size XXL. 100 stitches for a front part, needles 3.5 mm.
It needs a careful press with a damp cloth when everything is ready.

So not much stitching this week, we have had guests too and in the evenings and free minutes I knit..................

17 August 2009

knitting update

The back from the cardigan is ready now. I have used 6 skeins for this. 50 grams each.
Now I have started with the left front part.
I planned to knit cables in the front parts.
I use Viking sportsragg; 60% wool, 20%acryl, 20%nylon. color 583, dye lot 649.

15 August 2009

Fiber book pages

Recently I made this fabric book page for Marja M. in the Netherlands.
Marja and I belong to a little group "Fibre Fever".
We swap a fabric book page once a month. Marja's theme is 'together'.
The size of those pages are 6", 15 cm square.
Below the page Marja made for me, my theme is cottage garden.
Isn't it beautiful? Marja made the page from wool and wood.
As always you can click on the photos to see it large.

13 August 2009

pincushion received

Today I received my pincushion from the pincushion swap. Debbie added also a sewing kit to make a dishtowel and a iron basket and lemon pudding. Thanks Debbie it looks lovey!

10 August 2009

New block, new adventure.

In the Yahoo-group Crazy quilters around the world we do a new Step-by-Step RR.
We are supposed to send a naked block out September 1st.
This is my block for this RR. I know it will look totally different when it comes home next year.
We have 6 participants, so I have to work on five of the other blocks when they come to my house. We have a 6 weeks schedule.
The size of this block is 14", 35 cm. square.

04 August 2009

O, my.......

Last week I bought 23 skeins (50 gram each) of yarn to knit a cardigan for myself.
I think 23 skeins is not enough as I see what I have done now with almost two.....
O, my, what a planning ;)
Size XXL, please wish me luck and special perseverance....... ( or is endurance a better word?)

02 August 2009

fabric-paper postcards

Yesterday I have made four fabric-paper postcards.
They are made from fabric, napkins and an original music sheet from 1896.
The man on the last card is the composer Benjamin Goddard.
They are for sale in my Etsy shop.

01 August 2009


As you can see here I am not idle :)
I have crocheted five pair of potholders in the evening hours lately. One pair is not on the photos, they are already in use at my daughter's.
I had so much cotton yarn after my mother and I thought it might be useful to make something out of that. The cotton bag is not empty yet, so maybe there will follow more.
In the evenings when I sit and there is nothing worth seeing on the TV, my hands go.
There is a pair of retro '70 ( brown/orange/white)for a friend who always burns his potholders, he will get them in September ;)
The white pair ( above) is for the Dutch daughter, the red pair for the Norwegian daughter and the ivory pair I will use myself.
I do not have a special pattern, I do what I like :-) and get the cotton yarn used!