01 August 2009


As you can see here I am not idle :)
I have crocheted five pair of potholders in the evening hours lately. One pair is not on the photos, they are already in use at my daughter's.
I had so much cotton yarn after my mother and I thought it might be useful to make something out of that. The cotton bag is not empty yet, so maybe there will follow more.
In the evenings when I sit and there is nothing worth seeing on the TV, my hands go.
There is a pair of retro '70 ( brown/orange/white)for a friend who always burns his potholders, he will get them in September ;)
The white pair ( above) is for the Dutch daughter, the red pair for the Norwegian daughter and the ivory pair I will use myself.
I do not have a special pattern, I do what I like :-) and get the cotton yarn used!


Ann Flowers said...

Those are so nice!! I love the white ones. Your stitching is fantastic. What a nice gift:)

Gunnels blog said...

I have also doing potholders this summer :-) I have knitted mine, I have done several pairs, both to my self and as gift!
Yours are very beautiful!