23 August 2009

fabric paper and knitting

A half our ago I was ready making a new piece of fabric paper.
It is still very wet from the glue/water.
It has to lie for a few days before I can do something else with it.
I made it with the intention as a background to make AA pages for a swap we do in a little group.
Below an update from my knitting. The left front piece is ready.
The white threads are a help to get the right piece similar but with 5 buttonholes.
I don't have a pattern or a book, I just knit.....
Size XXL. 100 stitches for a front part, needles 3.5 mm.
It needs a careful press with a damp cloth when everything is ready.

So not much stitching this week, we have had guests too and in the evenings and free minutes I knit..................


Lurline said...

Fabic paper - sounds so interesting, Ati! Your cardy is going to be lovely!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Cathy K said...

I can't believe how quickly you knit! Your sweater will be beautiful. I hope to learn to knit this winter (I only crochet now). And your fabric paper - so gorgeous. Everything you touch seems to come out beautifully!! Hugs, Cathy

Ruth said...

I really like the fabric papers. It is interesting and beautiful. It facinates me.

Your knitting seems to come along nicely as well. I love the blue colour.

Have a great week.

Jo in NZ said...

I am here about the fabric papers too Ati. I would love to know how you create this if you would be willing to share via a tutorial.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

I Love your fabric paper the colors are wonderful. It is very lovely. I wish I could "Just Knit" you are a lady of many very creative talents. Hugs Judy

Catharina Maria said...

Wat een prachtig stofpapier heb je gemaakt !
Ben er helemaal kwijt van .
Lieve groet Rini