28 September 2009


I almost forgot to show you the atc from Anne L. ( France). very fine embroidery.
The blue page is an AA page from Ulla ( Sweden) the back with a poem and the front with patchwork.
Ulla and I are in the Fibre fever groep and we swap an Album Amicorum page this year with 11 members. The size is 20x15 cm.

22 September 2009

fabric book pages

Here is the fabric book page I made for Lise in Norway.
Lise's theme is "flowers". I made the background from woolfleece with the embellisher machine. The little crochet flowers are made by me, the white needlelace flowers I bought from Rengin's Etsy shop and the peach flowers are recylcing from a silk flowerplant ;)
Below the page Janny from the Netherlands made for me with the theme: cottage garden.
Both pages are 6", 15 cm square.

14 September 2009

plum jam

On the little plum tree in our garden are the plums ripe now. We picked them today and I have cut up 2 kg. to make jam. It smells delicious when it is hot and it taste delicious too on a slice of bread in the winter! There are more on the tree to eat the coming days ofcourse.

12 September 2009

vegetable harvest

Today my DH has picked the last runner beans from the kitchen garden.
After cleaning I have cut them in slices with the same knife my mother , grandmother and great-grandmother have used before me!

The knife is made in 1882 and still in good condition. The blade is not the same size as before, because of the many times it has been sharpened.

Here the result from this summer. From left to right: runner beans, green beans and garden beans.
We have had a bad summer to grow vegetables, so the result is not as much as we are used too.

08 September 2009

step by step RR block

This block belongs to Margreet in the Netherlands. We are in a group together and do a "step by step round robin".
That means that the first person sews the block, the second ( in this case me) does the basic stitches on every seam.
The third person add more stitches to the basic stitches.
The fourth person add items, such as lace items, sre, crochet, tatting etc.
The fifth person add the beads and the sixth person the buttons and finishing touch.
In the coming half year I have to work on four more blocks from the other participants in this RR.
Above the naked block and below what I have added to it. In a few weeks it flies to the next person in the round robin.

05 September 2009

fish or something else?

Today my DH is fishing out there some place. On a little part of the Atlantic Ocean. The last days we have nice weather without much wind, so it is safe enough to go with the little ( 15 feet) boat.
Yesterday he also fished. He fishes with a rod and got many fish, haddock, cod and this wolffish. Nine kilogram !!
Today I made Norwegain fiskekaker ( fish-burgers) of the good meat of the wolffish.
I have 39 pieces now. 36 in the freezer and 3 in the refrigerator for dinner tomorrow.
The taste is very ! good.

04 September 2009

AA page,( friends book)

Here is the AA ( album amicorum) page which I have made for Hideko in Japan.
We are in a little group"Fibre Fever"and we do this swap once a month.
The front tells something about the maker. Lately I made fabric paper and I like silk ribbon embroidery.
On the back a little poem or wise words for the receiver.
Because English is not my first language I used some wise words from Buddha.
As always you can click on the photos to enlarge. The size is 6x8 inch, 15x20 cm.