14 September 2009

plum jam

On the little plum tree in our garden are the plums ripe now. We picked them today and I have cut up 2 kg. to make jam. It smells delicious when it is hot and it taste delicious too on a slice of bread in the winter! There are more on the tree to eat the coming days ofcourse.


Gerry Krueger said...

Oh Ati my plums are ripe also and I plan to make plum jam tomorrow... Yours looks so beautiful in the jars. Mine will go into the freezer..

Gerry K.

Maureen said...

Ati, your Jam looks lovely and your beans, what do you preserve them in please - this year I have curried and frozen ours as I don't like just frozen runner beans - the next lot will be pears - any ideas for keeping them??.