08 September 2009

step by step RR block

This block belongs to Margreet in the Netherlands. We are in a group together and do a "step by step round robin".
That means that the first person sews the block, the second ( in this case me) does the basic stitches on every seam.
The third person add more stitches to the basic stitches.
The fourth person add items, such as lace items, sre, crochet, tatting etc.
The fifth person add the beads and the sixth person the buttons and finishing touch.
In the coming half year I have to work on four more blocks from the other participants in this RR.
Above the naked block and below what I have added to it. In a few weeks it flies to the next person in the round robin.


Kathy said...

Margreet created a lovely color block. Ati, your stitching added just right the touch. It's already beautiful....with lots more to do from the other ladies.

libbyquilter said...

isn't it amazing what happens to the "naked" piece once stitches and other goodies are added~!!!~

your stitches are wonderful as usual and this piece is coming along beautifully~!!~

i enjoyed being able to enlarge the photo and wonder over the fabulous details. thank you.


Maureen said...

A lovely book page, I love the Buddha text. The fish has made my mouth water and I love the RR block, it will be beautiful.

hannie said...

Prachtig borduurwerk Ati! Dat wordt een heel mooi blok.Is het de bedoeling,dat een ander er weer verder aan gaat werken?

Katrien said...

Wat heb je het blok van Margreet mooi gemaakt.Ze was hier op 16juni op bezoek omdat ze in de streek vertoefde,leuke dame.

2ne said...

I love this RR a great idea. We are having some who looks like it here at home :-) Have a great week end