25 October 2009

Ishbel shawl

Here is the ugly duckling.... It doesn't show much.
Blocked: became a swan :)

Made from 40 grams Fyberspates 2 ply, 50% merino 50% silk. Very thin yarn.
I used needles 3mm. The size is wide: 170 cm. 68 ". high: 77cm. 30".
I think I will knit it again one day with a bit thicker yarn and thicker needles, it will be a bit larger than, I hope.
The pattern is very nice and not too difficult. You can buy it on Raverly.
As always you can click on the photos to enlarge.

19 October 2009

crochet shawl

Here is my crochet shawl. Made from "Lana grossa kid mohair".
60% mohair and 40% polyamide. Super light, warm and cosy.
I have used 200 grams, 800 metres. Crochet needle 5 mm.
My size is: wide 170 cm. 68". High, on my back: 77 cm. 30".
I found the "pattern" a while ago on Anne's blog. So very easy.
I made a sampler right away to remember that pattern.
When I was in the Netherlands a few weeks ago we had to drive long journeys on the highway which is very boring.
I bought this yarn in a local shop and began to crochet in the car.
But on the way home my yarn ran out.
I am so lucky to have many Internet friends in the Netherlands and one of them, Mieke, was so kind to go to the shop and bought 2 skeins more and sent it to me.
Thanks again Mieke !!

If you like it too , here is the pattern. You can enlarge the photo. You start on the top, make a simple chain as wide as you want your shawl. ( on the photo on the bottom)

18 October 2009

atc's and a change

Two atc's made from fabric paper.
The left one is for trade , the right one has found a new home at Cobi's.
I made a large piece of fabric paper a while ago to use it for AA pages swap in the Fibre Fever group.

And yes you are right; I changed the title of my blog.
When I started my blog several years ago it was only to show my crazy quilt work.
Now I do many other things also and I thought the title has nothing to do with 'crazy' any longer.
I make needlefelt, crazy patchwork, fabric paper, knit and crochet and like to show that too, to you.
Besides that, now and than a peek in my kitchen or garden.
Hope you like it ;-)

16 October 2009

fabric book pages

This is the fabric book page I made for Maureen ( Australia) Maureen's theme is "trees".
Because Maureen never get snow, I thought I make a Norway winter page for her.
The trees are embroidered with perle fine from Sassa lynne.
In the snow are angelina fibers for a sparkle.
This is the look I have from my front door during the time there is snow here.
I made the felt with the Janome embellisher.
The size is 6", 15 cm square.
Below the page Helinä in Finland made for me, theme "cottage garden".
I like it very much, it is lovely cq work.

14 October 2009

sneaky start ;)

Although I am not ready knitting my cardigan ( one sleeve left) I have sneak started a Ishbel shawl. I bought a skein of the most beautiful yarn from Fyberspates (UK) and could not resist the temptation how it would look when knitted. The Ishbel shawl pattern have I seen on many blogs and it looks so nice. I never knitted a lace pattern before from a scheme, so it is a bit of an adventure to me ;)
The easiest part is ready, now I have to start with the lace. I have 221 stitches now and in the end there are 465! ( O my;)
This is very thin yarn, 2 ply, 45% silk and 55% merino wool, lace wight. I use needle 3mm.
The pattern says needle 4mm, but it became too loose for me. Maybe I have to change to a circle needle later, no idea, never knit on a circular needle either. LOL
But: I love the color!
So far, so good.

07 October 2009

AA page received

This AA is made by Helga ( Germany). The poem on the front is from Goethe.
On the back she wrote words from Elli Richter: Zeit zu haben zum leben!
Thank you Helga, I like it very much!

06 October 2009

in my mailbox

Look, look what I have got in my mailbox today. A super nice bracelet made by Inge in Danmark. Isn't it nice? It fits wonderful and I love the colors!

01 October 2009

Album Amicorum

Here is the AA page I have made for Marja in the Netherlands.
The size is 15x20 cm. 6x8".
Two techniques wich I like to do at the moment, fabric paper and silk ribbon embroidery.
And a poem on the back.
Those pages don't have a theme. The front tells something about the maker and the poem is for the receiver.