14 October 2009

sneaky start ;)

Although I am not ready knitting my cardigan ( one sleeve left) I have sneak started a Ishbel shawl. I bought a skein of the most beautiful yarn from Fyberspates (UK) and could not resist the temptation how it would look when knitted. The Ishbel shawl pattern have I seen on many blogs and it looks so nice. I never knitted a lace pattern before from a scheme, so it is a bit of an adventure to me ;)
The easiest part is ready, now I have to start with the lace. I have 221 stitches now and in the end there are 465! ( O my;)
This is very thin yarn, 2 ply, 45% silk and 55% merino wool, lace wight. I use needle 3mm.
The pattern says needle 4mm, but it became too loose for me. Maybe I have to change to a circle needle later, no idea, never knit on a circular needle either. LOL
But: I love the color!
So far, so good.


Ruth said...

Så nydelige farger og jeg vet av erfaring at Fyberspates er herlig garn å strikke med. Ishbel er et nydeig sjal også, så dette må jo bare bli kjempelekkert.
Jeg er spent på å få se det ferdig.

Ha en deilig kveld.

Janny said...

Oh Ati, jij liever dan ik....! Dat schiet niet op...!

ewa-christine said...

So nice........it is lovley!

Plays with Needles said...

This yarn is beautiful. I am stitching a shawl too...it now takes me almost one hour to knit ONE ROW!! I can't wait to see it finished!

Waltraud said...

Wonderful yarn!