29 November 2009

wrist warmers

Wrist warmers are ready, matching with the shawl from friday.
I used the same lace pattern as the Lavalette shawl has.
The rest is my own improvisation.
With a crochet needle I have done one round on the thumb opening to make it more strong.
The yarn is very soft.
Knitted round on 4 needles 2 mm.
It is the same yarn!! I made the photos this evening by the light of a lamp.

Still a bit yarn left ;)

27 November 2009

Lavalette shawl ready :)

Here is my Lavalette shawl. It was easy to knit. Pattern is a free download on Raverly.
The size is 135 cm ( 53")wide and 65 cm ( 25,5")high. I have about 15 grams left and have started with matching wristwarmers.
The yarn is a mix of wool and cashmire, very soft, 3 ply ( thin fingering). I have used needles 4mm.
The shawl's weight is 45 grams.
As always you can click on the photos to enlarge.

25 November 2009

fabric-paper factory ;)

A few weeks ago I made a large piece of fabric-paper. Now it was time to make something out of that. After drying and ironing between baking paper I cut it up to postcards.
from the leftovers I cut atc's. They are on my Flickr site. Here.

Sewed on some gold lace, Christmas braid and now and then some hand stitching.
Some of them are in the mail already to a faaaaraway country overseas.

22 November 2009

give away winners are....

My DH has been so kind to draw 3 names from my comment list, here they are.

Annet (fat quarter) Annet, I need your address!

Anni ( Anni's Art ) address in my book :)

Susan. ( plays with needles) Susan, I need your address!

Sorry to all the others, I hope you come and visit my blog again ;)

20 November 2009

surprise in the mail

A few days ago I had a big surprise in my mailbox.
A package from Ruth who lives in Scotland. 60 grams of the most beautiful colored knitting yarn, soft and fine. And some tea and powder to make hot chocolate.
Thank you só much dear Ruth.
I have started the knitting right away, it will become a Lavalette shawl.

19 November 2009

fabric book pages

Here is the fabric book page I made for Mieke (NL). Mieke's theme is "being Lucky".
It was not easy to get an idea for such an abstract theme. But when I found those printed words I got an idea. I have made the background from wool with the embellisher, sewed on some organza circles and added some stitches by hand. Also a bead-swirl.
Mieke wrote to me: I love it!
Below the page Helga in Germany made for me. My theme: "cottage garden".
Isn't it beautiful? Helga didn't make only a garden, she also made the cottage!
Give a click on the photo to see the details, it is lovey.
We do a monthly book page swap in the Fibre-Fever group.
Those pages are 15x15 cm ( 6 inch)

16 November 2009

A milestone and some knitting

This morning I had a look at my blog and was very surprised to see that I have 100 followers.
O my, now I become almost embarrassed when I write something. My English is not always as it should be and I don't have to tell much interesting news very often.
I guess it is time for a little give away to my supporting readers :-)
When you leave a little comment here I will pick 3 names next week and send a fabric paper postcard. Check next week if I may need your address.
I also like to show a Moebius scarf which I knitted from 50 gram mohair, 90 stitches.
I just had to try how this phenomena worked. I think it goes to my daughter, she gave me the yarn long time ago.

13 November 2009

Anne's RR block

This is a Step by Step round robin block. It belongs to Anne in France, she sewed the naked block inspired by Allie. Anne wrote in the booklet that she will have the centre part as a sane quilt and will embroider flowers on the black velvet stars when the block comes home to her in April next year.
Here are the the stitches Margreet did. Photo above.
I did the second round.
The photo below shows what I added to the seams. I also added rig-rag around the centre part.
It is a large block, 40 cm ( 15,5 ") Now it goes to the next person in the RR.
I took a photo just before the sun disappears behind the mountains. The last sunny day today, tomorrow and the days which come, we get rain and grey weather.

05 November 2009

Album Amicorum pages

Here is the AA page I made for Cobi. ( NL) Half of it is made from fabric paper, the other half is fabric. I made some stitches and sequins to reflect the stamps on the fabric paper.
The flower is made from wired silk ribbon and silk ribbon french knots in the centre.
On the back a little poem.
Those AA pages don't have a theme. The front tells something about the maker and the poem on the back is for the receiver. We swap those pages every month in the Fibre Fever group.

Whether we count the years in numbers
you cannot slow down neither accelerate your destiny.
Toon Hermans.
( free translation)

At the same time Ritva in Finland was making this beautiful page for me. Just give a click on the photo to see her lovely embroidery stitches! On the back she wrote the wise words from John Keats: A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

How true this is!

04 November 2009

Beading a little :)

The last year I have followed a few blogs from ladies who were involved in a bead journal project.
I saw many fantastic pieces of work and all very different. The temptation was too strong to deny when I saw there is a new start in January 2010.
Yesterday I hit the JOIN button on the beads journal project 2010.

A few days earlier I made a larger piece of needlefelt for an other project which I can't show you now.
From a left-over piece I made this circle, like a mandala, to try out if it works for me.
This will be my size for the bead project next year. The size of a CD.
Drawing mandala's has given me many hours of pleasure and satisfacation years ago and I hope this mandala-beads-project will do the same :)

02 November 2009


Two years ago I got two orchids as a present. Now they bloom for the third time in my kitchen window. I guess they like it there :)
The brown/orange one is a special kind, I have no idea what the name is, but beautiful is it.
I thought you might like it too ;-)

01 November 2009

update cardigan

It is certenly not the meaning that my blog is changing to a knitting blog but I must say I knit a lot the last weeks. My cardigan became a slow project.
A while ago I finished the second front part and began with a sleeve.
When the sleeve was ready I was not happy at all !!
I decided to unpick it and start allover again . Now I make the sleeves with the same pattern as the front parts and I think that will be nice. ( I hope so ;)