05 November 2009

Album Amicorum pages

Here is the AA page I made for Cobi. ( NL) Half of it is made from fabric paper, the other half is fabric. I made some stitches and sequins to reflect the stamps on the fabric paper.
The flower is made from wired silk ribbon and silk ribbon french knots in the centre.
On the back a little poem.
Those AA pages don't have a theme. The front tells something about the maker and the poem on the back is for the receiver. We swap those pages every month in the Fibre Fever group.

Whether we count the years in numbers
you cannot slow down neither accelerate your destiny.
Toon Hermans.
( free translation)

At the same time Ritva in Finland was making this beautiful page for me. Just give a click on the photo to see her lovely embroidery stitches! On the back she wrote the wise words from John Keats: A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

How true this is!


CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Ati your page from Finland is very very pretty. Lovely stitching indeed. Lucky you to have it as yours. Hugs Judy

hannie said...

Een prachtige AA Aty. Heel sfeervol met het borduursel, en de mooie tekst! Ook de AA die je kreeg uit Finland is prachtig. Supermooi geborduurd!

Muffin said...

Å det er bare helt nydelig *sukk*

libbyquilter said...

what a treat to get to see the beautiful details up close~!!~ the silks, the gorgeous threads and those fantastic stitches~!!~


Ruth said...

Nydelige alle sammen. Jeg blir like imponert hver eneste gang jeg er her inne.

Tusen takk for Seigmennene. De kom i dag og ligger midt på stuebordet sånn at jeg kan se dem og glede meg til å spise dem opp. Men veldig langsomt da, selvfølgelig. ;) Tusen, tusen takk for at du tenkte på meg.

Maureen said...

Love your beading piece, I just checked out the site - such beautiful work - I am tempted as I have so many beads from when I used to bead a few years ago but would worry if I couldn't see it thro'