30 December 2009

Review 2009

A little review from what I did in 2009.
I like to say "thank you " to my blog friends and followers, whether you are just looking or leaving a comment.
Please know that I really do appreciate the fact that you take the time to read and to look what I did.
I wish you all a nice new years eve.

29 December 2009

between Christmas and the new year

The last week I have been quiet, there was not so much news. I was knitting and reading.
Knitted 2 pair of fingerless gloves.
Above the pair I call: "picking berries", because of the color.
Below the pair I call "ocean waves".
I have used 'Frost yarn from Gjesdal, made in Norway. 75% super-wash wool,25% polyamide.
Knitted round on 4 needles 2,5 mm.
You can click on the photos to see them large.

I also read a book, original title: the Island by Victoria Hislop.
I liked it very much. It is a nice story, inter waved with history about an little island near Crete ( Greece). DH and I visited Crete late september 1986 for 11 days. We rented a car and have seen all the interesting places but also little villages on the country side.
When reading the book everything came back, the warmth of the earth, the friendly people we met in the little villages who didn't speak one word English but tried to help us with everything we want.The smell of the food, the ouzo, sweet grapes, the little cups of very strong sweet coffee.
We have been in all the places named in the book, visited also the island Spinalónga. We stayed in an little apartment in Ájos Nikólaos.
Therefore I could imagine a bit how it have been living there.
A good book for one who likes a novel combined with a bit of history.
The island Spinalónga was a leprosy colony from 1903 until 1957.

23 December 2009

Season's greetings

To all my blog friends and readers:
Merry Chtistmas.
Joyeux Noël.
Frohe Weinachten.
Prettige Kerstdagen.
Hijvää Joulua.
God Jul.
Buon Natale.
Hugs, Ati

20 December 2009

new coat and fingerless gloves

This is me with my new coat. The coat is made by Aud Hjelle, a Norwegian designer.
I needed a pair of gloves to match with the coat and have knitted those below.
Yarn: Tynn Alpakka,( Du Store Alpakka) color 133, magenta. Knitted on 4 needles , 3mm. Pattern: lacy fingerless gloves from Rosemary Falk. Free on Raverly.
When I looked at the photo, I think I miss a hat! Or maybe I have to knit a beret?

17 December 2009

Bought yesterday...

Yesterday I bought a few skeins of thin yarn to knit more fingerless gloves. They are so easy to use and quick to knit ;-)
The magenta Alpakka goes first to use with my own new coat.
Wait a few days......

12 December 2009

fabric book pages

Here is the fabric book page I made for Ritva in Finland. Ritva's theme is "water".
I made needle felted water falls. My inspiration came from the big falls in the Geiranger fjord in Norway, which is not that far from my home.
Below the page Doreen in Australia made for me. Cottage Garden is my theme. The cottage is a print and Doreen embroidered all the flowers on it. Isn't it beautiful?
The size of the pages are 15x15 cm. 6".

04 December 2009

Maureen's RR block

This is Maureen's step-by-step round robin block. Lovely warm, rich colors.
I did the fourth step, adding the 'items'.
I added 7, so called, items. The tatting piece in the upper left corner,the altered lace flower, the green tatted circle, the mokuba yellow flowers and the sre fargo roses around the silky. I have painted a piece of lace to make the fan in the colors of the block. And in the lower left corner I sewed a machine made flower. I kept the flowers around the silky little. The photo of the lady in
the middle is so nice and large roses doesn't fit with the picture.

Now it goes to the next person who will sew many beads on it and thereafter to the lady who does the "finishing touch". Maureen will have it home in April.

03 December 2009


Today the swap from Helga came in my mailbox. A very nice atc and a Christmas card.
Both made with gold threads on the swing machine.
Thank you very much Helga!

01 December 2009

AA pages

Here are the Album Amicorum pages of the December month for the swap in the Fibre-fever group. Above the page I made for Peggy in Germany. I used fabric-paper and sre again. On the back I wrote the words of mother Teresa: "we cannot all do great things, but we can do small things with great love".
Below the page Janny in the Netherlands made for me.
On the back she wrote an old children's rhyme in Dutch.