04 December 2009

Maureen's RR block

This is Maureen's step-by-step round robin block. Lovely warm, rich colors.
I did the fourth step, adding the 'items'.
I added 7, so called, items. The tatting piece in the upper left corner,the altered lace flower, the green tatted circle, the mokuba yellow flowers and the sre fargo roses around the silky. I have painted a piece of lace to make the fan in the colors of the block. And in the lower left corner I sewed a machine made flower. I kept the flowers around the silky little. The photo of the lady in
the middle is so nice and large roses doesn't fit with the picture.

Now it goes to the next person who will sew many beads on it and thereafter to the lady who does the "finishing touch". Maureen will have it home in April.


hannie said...

Je bijdrage in dit Round Robin bloc, is weer heel bijzonder,Ati. maakt het helemaal af!

Ulla said...

I love the colours and the combinations of fabric,ribbons and so on.
I hope everything goes well.


Lisa said...

Beautiful block! I like the touches you added!

Gerry Krueger said...

The seams on this block are just lovely... I'm going to turn into a seam person yet. And everything you added was perfect. I'd love to be in an RR like this. Where did you join this???

Gerry Krueger

Amy said...

Quite a lovely block.