31 May 2009

Whit sunday

Pinse liljer, the Norwegian name for this flowers which bloom now. They got their name because the bloom on Whitsunday ( Pinse in Norwegian).
They smell very nice.

28 May 2009

Comforting heart

In a little group I belong too , crazy quilters around the world, we have the habit to send a cq heart to each other when we go trough a sad time in our life.
It was my cq friend and swap-sister in 2008, Hideko who lost her mother a few weeks ago, so I made a comfort heart for her. Most of the others in the group will do that also. When Hideko likes it, she can make a little memory quilt of the hearts.
This heart-block is 15 cm. 6 inch.

25 May 2009

Pincushion swap

The pincushion which is on its journey to the USA. There it will find a new owner within two weeks. I made the naked pincushion a while ago and embroidered the sre roses and added the flowers in the weekend when I learned that the receiver likes blue :)
The diameter of the pincushion is 12 cm. 4,5 inch.
Silk ribbon embroidery roses and needle-lace flowers. ( oyas from Turkey)
There is enough empty space left to stick pins in the cushion.
I made a little package with fabrics which are nice together and put in also an fabric-paper atc, which is not on the photo. I hope the receiver likes what I sent her.

A long time ago I made a tutorial how to make this pincushion.
You can find it here. Below every photo is a discription what to do.

24 May 2009

fabric pc

Fabric postcard made for Michelle F in Canada as a little "thank you " for organizing the Spring blooms mini quilt swap.

23 May 2009

Mini quilt swap

Here is the mini-quilt which I sent away a few weeks ago for the Spring Blooms mini-quilt swap. I added a needlefelt bookmark and an atc for the fun.
Now it has arrived in its new home in the USA and Jennifer wrote me that she likes it and will use it next Easter on her wall.

20 May 2009

fabric book pages

Fabric book page made for Helga, for the Fibre Fever group.
Helga's theme is "Angels among us". The fist idea when I read Helga's theme in January was to use a person's photo, like mother Theresa or Florance Nightingale.
Helga received the page today and she wrote to me that this was her idea too.
She was very happy with this page. ppfff..... :-)
the size is 15cm, 6 "square. Below the back.
And below that, the page I received, have a look, beautiful made!!

At the same time I made Helga's page, Mieke in the Netherlands made this page for me. My theme is a country garden. Mieke made a page with strawberries, I love it! Not only flowers in my garden book, but also fruit and vegetables.

fabric paper

I made my first fabric paper. It is on the kitchen bank now. Now a serious question, how do I get it dry????? It is soaking wet from the water-glue. Can someone who did this, help me?
Please write a comment, I need my kitchen space! LOL

18 May 2009


When I saw this stitchery a while ago on a blog, I immediately felt in love with it. The whimsical clock has so much humour, wish it was truth, 28 hours in a day :-)
The pattern is from "más telitas" it is for free here.
I have made the clock in outline stitch (the reversed sister of stem-stitch).
The size is now 14x17,25 inch, 36x44 cm.
As always you can click on the photo to see it large.
I have made this for myself to hang it in my studio!

12 May 2009


Quiltie made for a swap in the Yahoo group "Unlimited textiles".
The theme this month is surprise. We could make what we like :)
I made a CQ quiltie and I hope Louise likes it.
The size is 5 " , 12,5 cm square.

09 May 2009

AA page

Album Amicorum page, 15x20 cm. CQ style.
Marianne likes to work with flowers and she makes the most beautiful Ikebana arrangements.
I thought a touch from Japan is nice for Marianne.
We did a private swap.

On the back a Haiku ( Japanese poem) in Dutch made by me.
It says:
Internet friendship
photos, flowers and handwork
attention to each other.
With the translation the 5-7-5 rule doesn't work but in Dutch it does.

08 May 2009

Fiber book page

CQ work, size 15x15cm. 6x6". This is a fabric book page made for Jeanne.
Jeanne and I are in the group Fibre Fever and we do a book page swap this year.
Although Jeanne had to drop out because of serious an eye disease I felt so sorry for her and made a page all the same. She has received it now so I can show it to you too.
Jeanne theme is ' the four seasons' and I made 'summer'.
Summer is for me: humming insects, strawberries and flowers.

07 May 2009

received AA page

Yesterday I got this Album Amicorum page from Janny ( the Netherlands).
A lovely cottage and nice CQ work on it. A little poem on the back.
We did a private swap.
Thank you Janny, I like it very much!

04 May 2009

Today's tittle is.. Empty jar

today's title is... Empty Jar.
Those jars are in my window pane for years now.
They stood in my mothers living room for years also.
When she died 14 years ago I got them.
I like to see how the green colors change in the different light from outside.
They are both green, the one on the right is very old.