31 December 2010

birthday card

This is the last photo of this year. The card is for Ritva ( Finland).
Ritva's birthday is on the last day of the year!

Thank you all for your visits and comments throughout the year and I hope to meet you again next year.
Wishing you a nice new-years-evening!

28 December 2010


A few months ago I won a give away from Ulla's blog in the north of Sweden.
Nice knitting yarn which was a left over from mittens she had knitted for herself.
  It was Marks&Kattens ECO baby ull. Warm and soft.
Ulla wrote that it should be more than enough for an other pair of mittens.
Now I had time to knit the mittens.
 I used an easy pattern which you can find on www. redheart.com.
When the mittens were ready there was much yarn left, so I decided to knit a hat to go with the mittens: the republic hat. Pattern on Raverly.
 Ofcourse I had to change the amount of stitches but that was not a problem.
On the Republic hat is a large button on the slip on the edge. I didn't have a large button.
 Instead I crocheted a rose from the leftover yarn.
 It is a bit '20 look now but I like it. Warm over the ears :)
My model is a flowerpot ;-) I couldn't make a photo of myself with the hat and the mittens on.
Thanks again Ulla, now you can see the result :-D

21 December 2010

Christmas card

This is the Christmas card I made for the Christmas card swap in the Fibre-Fever group. It went to Austria.
I would have liked to send a card to all of you, but you will understand that is not possible.
With this card on my blog I like to wish you all a peaceful Christmas time.

18 December 2010

fabric book pages

 This fabric book-page is made for Margreet in the Netherlands. Margreet's theme is birds.
 First I tried to make a real bird but that didn't work for me.
Then I made this whimsical bird and I liked it right away and Margreet also liked it.
 The background is made from my rust-dyed fabric and the bird is made from fabrics and lace I dyed with black currants peel. The green crochet "grass" is the edge from an old doily.
Below the fabric page Ulla in Sweden made for me with the theme: Oriental.
The size of those pages is 15 x 15 cm. ( 6 inch square)

16 December 2010

Christmas table runner

This is a Christmas table runner I have made for my DD birthday today.
You may wonder about the blue color in it?
That's because it has to match with this wall quilt I made three years ago for her.
The size of the table runner is 153 x60 cm.  56 x 22 inch.
It is hand and machine sewn and machine quilted.
As always you can click on the photo to see it large. Maybe twice.

14 December 2010

Fabric book pages

 Here is the fabric book page I have made for Evi in Germany.
Evi's theme was not the easiest in this swap.
 Her theme is "the little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.
 I had to google some pictures and stories. One was particular something what I could do.
The sentence that a little fox says to the prince: if you make me tame, my life will be filled with sunshine.
That is what I have tried to make.
Evi wrote that she liked it, me happy!
Below the "yellow"page which Kath in Greece made for me.
A beauty again. My yellow pages book becomes beautiful with many different kind of pages.
 Thank you Kath!

10 December 2010

Julebakst, Christmas baking

Now it is time to make the baking for Christmas ready. Today baking day!
On the right cocos cookies, on the top of the stove 'hvetestanger'. I don't know the English word for it. It is sweet white bread with vanilla pudding inside. They go in the freezer when cold. When we use them I 'll make sugar-glace on top of the bread parts.
In the oven an English fruit cake. This will stay for two weeks in the cellar and get a drip with brandy now and than on the top. The day before Christmas I 'll cover it with marzipan.
Next week I have to bake a few plates little cookies too with chocolate and almond bits.

07 December 2010

XL Christmas card

Christmas/ new year card made for my youngest daughter and grandchildren in the Netherlands.
 It is more a fabric collage. The vintage new years card is printed on cotton fabric.
 Size 18x24 cm. ( 7,5 x 10 inch)

04 December 2010

December collage challenge

This is my paper collage for the December challenge from Mary Green.  
In my moleskine, one page: 14 x 9 cm.

03 December 2010

double page: Dublin

Paper collage. Background: paper strips and painted with watercolor paint.
The size is 24 x18 cm.
I have been there in 1999 with DH on a holiday trip trough Ireland.
We spent two days in Dublin.
 Visited the great library in Trinity College, looked at the Book of Kells.
Said "hello" to Molly Malone with her Cockles and Mussels.
Took a pint and listen to the Irish music and read Oscar Wilde's: The Importance of Being Earnest.
As always you can click on the photo to see it large, maybe twice!

02 December 2010

Needle felt book-page

This needle-felt book page was made for Hanna in Austria.
Hanna's theme is : trees and leaves.
I made the background from grey natural sheep-fleece with some silk threads.
Than the branch from two colors yarn. The leaves are made separate from colored sheep fleece and sewn on with the sewing machine. The two in the lower right corner are loose leaves, only attached near the stem.
I made this piece on the embellisher machine.
The page I should have received a week ago is late.....

30 November 2010

Cards ready!

The Christmas cards are ready to go in the mail :)
The backs are made from plain watercolor paper.

28 November 2010

ice wall

 In Norway we have the coldest November month since 25 years! All the water is frozen.
This is along the road to our village. I live on the coast near the Atlantic Ocean but the temperature is far below zero Celsius day and night!  No snow yet........

26 November 2010

making Christmas cards

When I was shopping groceries today I found such nice paper-napkins with whimsical angles.
The temptation was too big, I couldn't let them in the shop.
When I came home I searched for some fabric with writing on it and some music-papers.
The whimsical angels and a few stars, a bit very thin fabric pieces with gold. Much glue-water and here it lies overnight to dry.
Just in time to make a few nice Christmas cards of it :)
If you like to give it a try too, HERE is a link to the workshop I made a while ago for the CQ mag online.

24 November 2010

reading and have read...

 It is quit a long time that I was here to tell you what I did last week.
I am reading books :)
 Those books above are three criminal novels by Stieg Larsson called Millennium.
I started a week ago and now I am almost finished with book 3.
Interesting and thrilling. If you like this type of stories ; read them!
They are translated in many, many languages !
Before those books I read the book Hjemkomsten by Victoria Hislop. ( In English: The Return)
This is more or less a historical novel about the civil war in Spain in the '30.
Interwoven with a family history.
I liked it too.
In the meantime I have machine quilted two large quilts for my neighbour and sewn a few fabric book pages which I can't show you before they are received by the ladies in the other countries.
Now I have to catch up with the paper collage lessons :))

15 November 2010

fabric book pages

 Book-page. Theme: walls and doors, made for Lorenza in Italy.

Background made from colored sheep-fleece with the embellisher machine and machine sewing.
Wisteria made from silk ribbon embroidery.
The size is 15 x 15 cm. ( 6 ")
Below the page Helinä in Finland made for me. My theme is "yellow".
Isn't it beautiful? A lovely addition for my "yellow pages" book.


13 November 2010

Vintage colors collage, lesson 2

Collage made from a vintage book cover. I also used the spine of the book.
 A vintage card from my collection and the original stamp of that card which I have used too.
 On the right a little piece of vintage lace. The music paper is also old and original.
 In fact, only the stamping is new ;)

( it's a bit early for Merry Christmas and happy new year but I liked the card)

09 November 2010

New online class

Here are two atc's made with the instructions of a online class. This is lesson one. I already have learned some new things to make the paper atc's look prettier.
The class has just started yesterday, it is not too late to join.
Mary Green gives much information for a reasonable price.
Click here if you want more info.

08 November 2010

AA pages swap

 Last week I did a private swap with Helga B. from Germany. She also is a member of the Fibre Fever group. Those Album Amicorum pages are a kind of friendship pages of the sort that we as children called a "poetry album". The size of those pages is 15x20 cm. ( 6x8")
On the back Helga wrote:
There are two means of refuge from the misery of life - music and cats-. (Albert Schweitzer)

Below the page I made for Helga. I made it in the same style as my other swaps for members of the FF group; half part from my fabric-paper and on the other half, silk ribbon embroidery.
On the back I wrote:
                Life’s greatest happiness
               is to be convinced
                we are loved.
              ( Victor Hugo. 1802-1885)

05 November 2010

CQ block

 Here is a naked CQ block made from very nice old fashion fabrics in "Victorian"style. It is a large block, nice for making a wall-hanging or a cushion.  When added a dark border it becomes perfect.
The size is 45 x 47,5 cm.  17,75 x 18,5 inch.
It is for sale in my Etsy shop.
You always can click on the photos to enlarge.

31 October 2010

fabric book pages

 Fabric-book page made for Cobi in the Netherlands. Cobi's theme is Autumn.
I made this page on my embellisher machine from wool and silk. And a leaf fragment.
Below the page Cobi made for me. My theme is "Yellow" for this swap.
All those pages are 15 x15 cm. (5" square)

Below is the Yellow page Janny in the Netherlands made for me.
I get a very special yellow-pages book this year with this swap in the Fibre-Fever group.
Thank you very much ladies, I like them both!

26 October 2010

surprise in my mailbox

About a week ago there was a box in my mailbox. It came all the way from Austria.
The most precious pieces of needlework and vintage crochet work was there.
 I got it all from Eva, who reads my blog but she doesn't have a blog herself.
She has so much inherited from her mother and granny. It was too much to keep it all , she wrote.
 Her children took what they liked most. And she sent some to me too use in my work.
Thank you so much dear Eva!
I will use it :)) with pleasure.
I like to point you all to a very  nice give away.
Hop over to this blog: Vintage Bunty.

23 October 2010

New family member

 Today we have got a new family member. She is a lady with a gen or two of a Norwegian forest cat.
 We have picked her op today from the animal shelter.
 She was found on the street in a town and delivered at a host-address of the R.S.P.C.A.
Now she lives with us and I hope for a many years! She is still a bit shy and nervous but that will go better after a while. She is probably two or three years old.
It is very cosy to have a cat again. We always have had animals when we lived in the Netherlands.
We have called her Trippie, after the name of our first cat 46 years ago. She also had three colors.

22 October 2010

Fabric book pages

 Above the fabric book-page I have made for Helga in Germany. Helga's theme is: Fairy's and mystics.
The unicorn is printed on fabric with TAP. For me unicorns are mystic, would it be possible that they have lived a long, long time ago?
Helga wrote that she likes it :)
Below the page Angélique in France made for me . The theme of my second book is: oriental/Japan/China.
I love it. It is a combination of techniques; fabric painting,embroidery and beads. Thank you Angélique !
The size of those pages is 6 inch square. ( 15x15cm)

20 October 2010

October 20 !

This is how it looks out of my window at lunchtime today.
Global warming? definitely not here ;)

13 October 2010

fabric postcards

Here are three birthday cards I have sent out lately.
The fist and third are needlefelt cards and the middle one is in CQ style.
I can show them now because all are received by the birthday ladies.
CQ style card.

07 October 2010

Two quilts have found a new home

 Two of my new made quilts have found a new home in the house of our youngest daughter.
The purple wonky log-cabin quilt will be used as a cuddle quilt on the couch in the living room.
The colors of the living room are white, beige and dark grey with purple accents, so the quilt fits nice :)

Below: the quilt named 'liberty' is for my grandsons bed as a cover. The colors of that quilt are the colors in his bedroom. Beige, dark grey with turquoise accents.

30 September 2010

thank you card

 An double card made for a friend to say: Thank you. It is made in the colors she uses in her living-room, black and white and yellow accents.  Special note: the yellow fabric on the inside of the card are the rests of a piece of fabric I 've got from her a few years ago. On the last page I wrote my message.

21 September 2010

' wonky ' log cabin ready

The ' wonky ' log cabin quilt for my daughter is ready. It is machine sewn and machine quilted. I did a meandering in the log cabin part and a kind of freehand swirl in the border.
The size is 155 x 200 cm.

18 September 2010

More fabric book pages

 Two more fabric book pages, size 15 x15 cm. In the Fibre fever Yahoo group we now do two book-pages  swaps at the same time. Above the page I have made for Peggy in the USA. Peggy's theme is "vintage ladies". I made this page in CQ style. A bit 'art deco'( 1925-1940) The lace is vintage, it comes from my grandmothers sewing box!
Below the "Yellow"page , which Helga in Germany made for me. She used different materials and home deyed fabrics to create this. Real fabric art. I like it very ! much. Thank you Helga!

17 September 2010

Collage Copenhagen

Today I was ironing shirts, pillow sheets and table cloths and suddenly I found myself cutting and glueing a double page for the capital cities book ;)
Double spread. Book size. Background: Norwegian book pages( which is very similar to Danish).
 Hand writing in Danish and music sheet. Two thin layers with acrylic paint.
 I like that I can read the original words trough the paint. Some leaf stamps.
 Images: the town hall, the statue of the writer Hans Christiaan Andersen. The sculpture of the little mermaid. The entrance of Europe's oldest entertaining park. Two brands of famous Danish beer and a few Danish stamps.
Back to the iron board now, I am not ready yet ;)

16 September 2010

fabric book-pages

 Here are two fabric book-pages, 15 x15 cm. 6 "square.
Above the one I made for Evi (Germany). Evi's theme is: Dream Garden. I made this page from colored sheep fleece into needlefelt with my embellisher machine. The image of the cupid statue is printed with TAP on fabric. I stitched some machine stitching to make the wall continuing on the left side. On the right side I created two rose bushes with silk ribbon embroidery.
Below is the page Anne in Germany made for me.
My theme for this swap is: Oriental ( Japan-China)
Isn't it beautiful what Anne made for me? I am delighted!

14 September 2010

Preserving vegetables .

 However the summer was wet and cold, the last 10 days in September we have had nice weather.
The runner beans and the green beans in the kitchen garden have grown in those 10 days.
For my DH, the kitchen garden is a lot of work. And it is very sorry for him ( and me) when nothing grows properly.
As you see there is leek and green cabbage ( boerekool) too for the winter.
Like other years I preserve the veggies we cannot eat at once.
It is much work too, but in the winter it is so convenient to have some glasses with vegetables ready in the cellar!
It is much less than other years but I am happy what I have so far.
Now it is raining cats and dogs again and the temperature sunk to 9 degrees Celsius.
Lucky we who have a heater :))
Now I can go back to my sewing. The wonky purple quilt is almost ready.