03 January 2010


I am knitting something from NORO Kureyon sock yarn. Can't say yet what it will become, because it is a present to somebody ;).
I choose this yarn for the colors, they are fine! But I don't like the quality of the yarn and would NEVER use it for socks! It is very uneven spun and only one ply. Not very strong either.
It is made of 70 % wool and 30% polyamide.
I suggest that NORO changes the name from 'sock yarn' into 'art yarn'!
I do have an second skein in an other color range and shall knit from it what I planned but I don't think I will buy it again.


tiny said...

Hallo Ati, Ik heb mij als volger op je blog aangemeld. Je hebt een mooie blog en hele mooie foto's van Noorwegen er op staan. Het is al jaren ons favoriete vakantie land.
Wat je nu aan het breien bent is inderdaad denk ik niet sterk genoeg voor sokken maar wel mooi fantasie garen.
Neem ook een kijkje op mijn blog en ik lees met je mee.

Groeten Tiny

Carol said...

Well, I am just returning to crochet and plan to reintroduce myself to knitting. I like it that you posted about a yarn that is unsatisfactory. Here in the states we have a craft store that sells their own brand of yarn and I have been looking at it as a possible purchase. Its cotton and one of my blog friends posted that it pills easily. That post made my decision much easier.

Yours is so colorful. Love it.
CArol in USA

Wendy said...

Love the colors Ati. Bold and gorgeous!

Ruth said...

God morgen Ati.

For ett nydelig garn, det blir ett kjempefint prosjekt, med mange fine farger i ett nøste.
Lykke til med jobben. klem Ruth

hannie said...

het is prachtig dit garen Ati. maar inderdaad lastig met breien? Ik ben benieuwd naar je resultaat.