15 January 2010

number two

Number one is ready and I have started with number two a few days ago.
I can't show number one to you, be patient ;) in a week you will see.
I love this yarn for the change of the colors but not for the quality as I told you before.


Wendy said...

Can't wait to see the finished product. I just love the colors of this yarn. I am so enjoying my little gloves! They have kept my hands warm in this unusual cold weather we are having.

Carol said...

I sure LOVE these colors!!

Muffin said...

Ja nĂ¥ er jeg spent!
Det ligger en hilsen til deg i bloggen min.

Pat said...

I really enjoy looking at your blog, and your work is just breathtaking, and so beautiful.

Pat said...

I enjoy visiting your blog and your work is just so beautiful.