05 January 2010

Winter, January 5th.

Photos taken out of our livingroom window at 14.20 , January 5th.
It is minus 6 Celsius outside which is very unusual on our little peninsula so close to the warm gulfstream from the Atlantic Ocean. But beautiful it is !


Carol said...

Well, the weather around the globe has been pretty unusual. I admit that I don't know much about your country. I thought it was always pretty cold there. Now I must google.

Happy New Year.

Doreen G said...

If only I could look out my window in the winter time and see such a wonderful view.

Doreen G said...
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Annepålandet said...

Godt nytt år, og takk for mange hyggelige kommentarer på bloggen min!
Så vakre bilder! Og det blå bildet lenger ned her var aldeles nydelig! Man blir jo i så godt humør når det er så vakkert ute!