17 February 2010

Liberated Amish quilt

A new project on the table. A liberated Amish quilt.
About a week ago I came on a blog from a group ladies who are sewing a liberated Amish quilt and add letters and numbers too.
I have sewn an Amish quilt in the past and hand-quilted it.
Now I sew a very free Amish quilt and will machine quilt it when the top is ready.
We are supposed to pick a quilt from the Brown collection as inspiration.
I picked number 027 'Roman Stripes' as inspiration for a freestyle quilt. Photo below from the Brown collection.
I don't know yet if I will make the letters in the front, maybe I sew them on the back.
I have started already to sew blocks. Not easy to sew wonky for a "sane"quilter in so many years were all the points should match precise!
But I learn quick and it feels very liberated :-))


tiny said...

Je hebt mooie stofjes gekozen, en het patroon vind ik ook heel mooi, ben benieuwd hoe het er zal zien. Succes ermee.

Carol said...

I live in the heart of the Indiana Amish Country. Their quilts are absolutely beautiful. I hope you will post progress reports!


Janny said...

Ik wens je veel succes ermee....het is niet mijn ding...zie wel wat je ervan maakt....!

hannie said...

Heel iets anders,dan de mooie borduursels die je altijd maakt?
Maar je eerdere Amish vind ik erg mooi! ik ben benieuwd hoe deze wordt!

Em said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! absolutely breathtaking. love the deep blues!

marit said...

Den du hadde laget, som hang i hagen, er aldeles nydelig!!! Skal bli moro å se hvordan denne blir:-)

Babara said...

By accident I arrived on your lovely blog and I am fascinated by the Amish quilt you made in the past. My compliments! Beautiful, also with regard to the colors. I like the Amish "design", they look in their simplicity very modern.
I'll certainly come back and see how you progress with your new project. Besides, the countryside you live is fantastic. I visited Norway many years ago, but my memories seem to be still fresh :-) !
Have a nice Sunday! Greetings from Switzerland,

Robin said...

I am thrilled with this quilt, Ati... You have captured the spirit of the Amish quilt very well!

Robin A.