29 March 2010

new toy and table runner

 Last week I bought a new sewing machine. My third Pfaff in 46 years! And probably the last one ;)
I had to try right away a few possibilities what this machine can do. Many different stitches and much more space between the sewing needle and the engine part on the right. Which is very handy when you have to manage a large piece such as a quilt. 
 I made a table runner , themed: Spring! To go with the Spring wall quilt which I made several years ago.
All sewing work is done with the new machine ! Not one stitch by hand. O, yes, only the french knots for the chickens eyes.
AND, we have a white world, again !! the poor crocuses are shivering in the snow!

27 March 2010

Spring !

Spring came also to my little world :-)
Our lawn in front of our house.

24 March 2010

Helinä's RR block

Helinä's RR block
Originally uploaded by Ati. Norway
This beautiful block belongs to Helinä in Finland. I did the last step in a "step by step" RR. Adding the buttons and the" final touch". Whatever that may be. This block was so nice already when it came to me. I added the enamel fish,the turtle, real shells on the bottom line, the seahorse charm,some floating items in the seaweed in the lower left corner, the plastic button fish and the seaweed in the upper left corner because that corner looked a bit empty , compared with the rest of the block.
The size is 34 x34 cm. 13,5 x13,5 inch.
Click on the photo to see the beautiful embroidery! And than on 'all sizes' on the top of the photo on my Flickr page.
Now it goes home to Finland.

19 March 2010

Crochet and knitting (bag)

 A few days ago I sewed a knitting bag. Quiltefia made a tutorial how to do.  Made from a piece of fabric I got a long time ago from Susan. I am very fond of butterflies and she sent me a fat quarter. Now I see it every day and it will be used Susan :-)
 Here the start of my fifth shawl this year. The pattern is called "Traveling Woman". I 'll give you the link when it is ready.
In the evenings I crochet. Two pair of potholders. Still cotton yarn from my mother. Now the bag is almost empty, only thin natural cotton yarn is left. Crocheting those potholders in those colors brought me back to the 'seventies'. The interiors of many houses where dark green/brown/orange OR black/purple/dark green.
In the '70 it was fashion in the Netherlands to have those colors. Our livingroom and kitchen also had brown/orange and dark green.
The purple ones goes to DD2 and the brown/orange ones are in my kitchen drawer. Ready to use. Nothing works better than potholders crocheted from cotton yarn.
Today is our 46 st. wedding anniversery, where are all those years gone????

17 March 2010

Liberty quilt ready

The "liberty"quilt is ready. It is machine quilted in a meander pattern.
The finished size is 194 x150 cm. (76 x59 inch.)
This quilt goes to DD2 in the Netherlands. She will use it on a bed.

10 March 2010

"Koselig" quilt found new home!

The "koselig heime" quilt has got a new home and got used right away! Grandson and his cat think it is a "cosy"quilt. Happy grandmother ;-)
I have machine quilted it in a meander pattern.
The size is now 135 x 190 cm. (53 x75 inch.)

06 March 2010

2nd liberated quilt

A "wonky" log cabin quilt-top . Not ready yet. I am still sewing my drawers empty from the rests of quilt-fabrics. This time the drawer with brown-red fabrics. And some beige. It need a border now, I think some dark fabric?
The size is now: 181x122 cm. ( 48x68 inch)
The words are Norwegian and mean: cosy at home.
It is a nice size to cuddle under on a cold winter day on the couch.

05 March 2010

Album Amicorum swap

I have made this AA page for Margreet in the Netherlands. Half part is my own fabric-paper and the other half is cotton fabric with silk ribbon embroidery and leaves made with DMC perle 5.
On the back a poem. Free translation: NUTS.
When you are young the years fly inconspicuous fast.
But when you hair turns grey, you will notice every May.
You peel carefully all days as a nut out of the shell.
You taste them with pleasure, you eat them one by one.
( Toon Hermans)

Below the AA page Jeanne in Switzerland made for me. Lovely stitchery and some wise words on the back. The size of those pages is 15x20cm. ( 6x8 inch)

03 March 2010

wool quilt block

This is a block for my wool lap-quilt. It became my wisp ( work in slow progress) project.
Only embroidery, no beads, no sre.
The size of this block is 20x40cm. ( 8x16 inch).
I hope I can finish the quilt this year. Many blocks to go!
As always you can click on the photo to enlarge.