13 April 2010

Card swap

Hannie and I did a private card swap. The cards are 15x15cm. ( 6" )
The one above is made by me from my newest piece of fabric-paper. ( rood means red in Dutch)
Below the card Hannie sent to me. Lots of different materials, the pink bubbles is tyvek.
Very nice swap, thank you Hannie.
Shawl number six is on the needles ;)


Rosalía said...

Fantastic as usual!

PeggyR said...

You are such an inspiration!

tiny said...

Hele mooie kaarten heb je gekregen. En wat een moed om met sjaal nr 6 te beginnen petje af.
Groet Tiny

GryNoKa said...

Takk for koselig kommentar.
Så masse fint du lager.
Ha ei fin helg!
Klem : )