25 April 2010

reading, knitting, reading....

My view out of the window this week. I am with my DH on a fishing trip on the island Leka in Norway. He catches big cod and other fish which we freeze and take home . It is cold but nice weather. 

During the days I knit, embroider and read and make the hot meals in the end of the day.
There are two other men too and after a whole day fishing they have a good appetite ;)
The shawl is a pattern I have knit before. Shetland lace triangle. Not difficult to knit. Hand-dyed yarn in purple nuances.
The book is a very good written book. It is about three generations women.
A great-grandmother, grand mother and mother of the author. And a little bit about herself.
The book's name is: Hundre År.
( A hundred years)
Written by Herbjørg Wassmo.
She also is the author of : "the book Dina" which is translated in many languages. There is also a movie made of the book "Dina".
 I like books about people inter-waved in a bit of history.
They become almost alive to me.


Ruth said...

Hei Ati. Det var artig å se hvordan det ser ut der dere er, og at dere får fisk. Og du er flittig som vanlig. Nydelit sjal og nydelig farge. Her er også kaldt, solen har "glemt" oss ser det ut som. Har fortsatt en fin tur, og hils Simon. Klem Ruth.

Rosalía said...

Moments at home with a beautiful landscape. It's a good choice.

hannie said...

Lijkt me een prachtig eiland Ati! En wat bijzonder,om zo te vissen,en jij breien, lezen, en eten maken! Het boek zal ook wel in het Nederlands zijn in de bibliotheek hier. Ga ik zeker eens achterheen. Het mes snijdt van twee kanten: Een mooie tocht,en een prachtige sjaal klaar,als je weer thuis bent!

tiny said...

Is het een nieuw boek van Herbjørg Wassmo? Ik heb de boeken Dina ook gelezen hoop dat het ook in Nederland wordt uitgegeven. Heb jij de Tora triologie ook gelezen die is ook schitterend .Groet Tiny


Hi Ati,
wonderful work,

ROZ said...

What a wonderful view! And I sure would love to eat some of that cod fish. I like the lovely purple yarn.