08 June 2010

Wisp block number 5

This is the fifth block of my WISP project.( Work In Slow Progres)
 The weather was so nice the last days so I could sit outside and stitch. This block is 20x40 cm. 8x16 inch. It is all wool fabrics.I have used Sassa Lynne threads, mostly perle fine.
If you like to see the other wisp blocks, just click on the label 'wisp' below this post.


2ne said...

Flott cracyquilt og brodering :-)

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Hi Ati! This is a beautiful block! Those Sassa Lynne threads are so nice and I can just imagine how they are on the wool fabrics. Yummy!

hannie said...

Weer een hele uitdaging dit blok,in een heel ander formaat! Het waren toch resten van kleding dacht ik? Prachtig kleuren hebben wollen stoffen!