29 July 2010

Album Amicorum swap

Album Amicorum page made for Maureen in Australia. I used my fabric-paper for one half and the other half quilt fabric with silk ribbon embroidery. On the back I wrote:
If you take care of each moment, you will take care of all time. (Buddha)
The size is 15 x 20 cm. ( 6x8 ")

25 July 2010

Blog printed :)

 My blog is printed !  In this book one whole year.  It looks so very nice.
I have sent away 90% of the things I made. Now I can look back. I really like to keep it in my hands. Of course one can scroll down on its own blog, but this is different.
Nice shiny paper, very clear photos. They offered the option that they do the layout and I agreed with that.
 The comments are not printed in my book, that cost too much pages.
 The price is very reasonable and I have choosen for a soft cover because that was cheaper.
I have ordered a second one from the year before last year.
And I am sure I do it in January 2011 from this year too!
 If you also would like it, here is the link: Blog2print
I have got a code which you can use, you get 15% off the price than.
 Here is the code:  B2PCC719. Use this code at the checkout.

22 July 2010

Birthday cards

Here are the birthday cards which I got last week from the members of the Fibre Fever group.
All handmade and all very different but beautiful !!
Just click on the photo to enlarge, maybe twice!

21 July 2010

50 years ago.....

                                              Me on my 18th birthday.
                                   My grandmother and I on my 18th birthday.
    One month ago: my grandson and I on HIS 18th birthday :)

19 July 2010

additions in 'Roses of Picardy' journal

 Here are the two watercolour paintings Janet made for me. Above the impression how it must have looked in 1913 in Picardy and below how it must have been in 1918.
I hope I have given the paintings the right frame.
I am very happy with them, they fit só well in the book. It is a great addition!
As always you can click on the photos to enlarge.

18 July 2010

Sunset and needlefelt

 Sunset, yesterday at 23.17 seen out of my North window.
It happens often that we have this kind of colors here but I don't take photos all the time.
 The back garden at the same time  :)
 A 3 x 3 inch needlefelt, called "sunset in the mountains".
Made for a private swap with my Flickr friend Janet. (GB)
An atc , called  "Eruption". Also made for Janet.
Janet have sent me 2 beautiful watercolor paintings for my Roses of Picardy book. I will give them both a place today. You can see the photos tomorrow :)

17 July 2010

"Eine nacht in Venedig".

Fabric book page made for Janny (NL)

Janny's theme is Carnival masks.
Needlefelt mask sewed on print black velvet.
Size 15x15cm. 6" square.

15 July 2010

my sewing table now

Do you recognize this? When you start with a new project and need all your "goodies" at the same time :)
I have started with journal number 2. Use many things with a memory in it, so this books name will be Memories. ( Herinneringen in Dutch)
Cards I have got from family, friends and fellow bloggers. A few little atc's. Paper-cuttings from friends.
Some embroideries. Old embroideries from my childhood and old laces which i love.
Four signatures in the colors of the seasons. ( more or less)
I'll keep you updated now and than.

12 July 2010

Journal ready

 The cover of my journal. I made a story of the song "Roses of Picardy". This song appeared in 1916 in WW1. It is a sad song but I like it very much.
 All the pages of the book. There are many empty pages were I can write poems I find or sayings which fit to the book. I have the poem of Robert Burns there: red, red rose.  And ofcourse the text of the song: roses of Picardy, spread all over the book.
 The story start with a young couple which had a wonderful life in England.
 Then he had to go to France to the trench war........
If you scroll down on this blog you can see more pages of the book when it was not ready.
I have collected 3 versions of the song now: Frank Sinatra, Jo Stafford and Vince Hill.
I know there are many more, also dixieland and other performers. Maybe you have one? I would be delighted if you sent me it as an attachment by an email :)

11 July 2010

BJP July "sunburst".

Yesterday I made a large piece of needlefelt.
 For me it is always a surprise what  it looks when I think I am ready.
I don't have a special plan, just start and see where it ends.
I do it just the same as I draw a free hand mandala.
In this part I saw a sunburst.
 Influence from the heatwave which is in Europe?
The size is a CD.

09 July 2010

Album Amicorum swap

This AA came from Hideko ( Japan).
 She made an AA for me called "midnight garden".
The colors are much nicer in real!
 It is difficult to make a proper photo of silk fabrics.
 The embroidery is great. I always like Hideko's style.
This is the back. There is a Haiku.
 Hideko added the translation on paper for me.
 Here it is:
The peony flowers are out of bloom already.
But suddenly I felt still they are
In my garden.
This is the AA I have made and sent to Ulla in Sweden.
As all my AA's in this swap of the Fibre Fever group I have made it from my fabric-paper and silk ribbon embroidery.
On the back the wise words from mother Theresa:
You cannot all do great things, but you can do little things with great love.

The size of those AA pages is 15x20 cm.  (6x8")

08 July 2010

Yellow fabric book page

This is the fabric book page I got from Hanna today. The theme for my fabric book is "yellow" this year. The size is 15x15cm. We do this monthly swap in the Fibre Fever group.
This page is a little late because it flew twice to Norway. The first time it returned to Austria again.
I am very happy with it!

04 July 2010

Can't help myself ;o)

 Yesterday we had such nice sunny warm weather that I could play outside with watercolour paper and tea(bags). Preparing papers for the next shabby journal  :-)
I am having a ball with the first one, not ready yet, but the ideas for the next two are bubbling in my head.
Because I had made strong tea, I dyed some white laces too.
AND I have started an other shawl. This time I knit with WOLLMEISE !! fun, fun!
There was a lady in Norway who had too much lace yarn and she was willing to swap the half part of a 300 grams skein. Thank you very much Linda!
I got a half skein wollmeise lace against a skein hand dyed merino from Saffron dye-works.
The pattern I do is "La Cumparsita".

03 July 2010

Album Amicorum swap

 Album Amicorum page made for Angélique in France. Much influence from the online class I do at the moment ;)

Size 15x20 cm. ( 6x8 inch). on the back: "Not knowing when the dawn will come, I open every door".
( Emily Dickinson)
Below the AA Angélique made for me. Things she like to do, different types of handwork.
On the back "Flowers are our greatest silent friends".  ( Jim Brown)
Thank you very much Angélique!

02 July 2010

Journal progress

Here are three signatures for my journal in Carole's class. There are some empty pages too where I can write something later or glue things I like to add in this journal. Now we wait for instructions to make the cover.
It is still difficult for me not to cut all the threads off and to layer many things with frays. But I will learn to do that ;-)