29 August 2010

quilt update and lesson 4 workshop

 Here is a picture of lesson 4 from the online workshop. The prompt was: three is a charm.
The collage is made on a double page of a moleskine notebook. All the pictures are copies. The background is made from torn book paper and gesso. And some distress ink.
Sorry, there is missing a half cm. from the top.
Below the 48 "wonky" log cabin blocks sewn together. Now it needs a border or two.
Block size 9".


Laurence said...

Very beautiful blocks.

laplandyellow said...


Hannie said...

Dit is wel heel erg snel Ati! het grootste gedeelte van de quilt al weer klaar? Mooi van kleur! Je kaart is ook heel bijzonder! Hoe kom je toch aan al die mooie afbeeldingen,allemaal van Internet? Ik heb ook eens de online site bekeken, wel de moeite waard, maar voor mij toch niet te doen,als ik alles moet vertalen?

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

You have such clever hands Ati!
It is indeed a very striking quilt block!

I'll try and do some collage tomorrow, it's been very busy here with visitors and no time to play!
Take care

2ne said...

I love your log cabin blocks :-) I like the way you are putting them together :-)

Fabric Art said...

Oh Ati your log cabin quilt is so beautiful, love the colors, your book pages are great, love Mary's class and all the and the various techniques we learn, and yes I've used some of them on my postcard.
Ati where have you ordered binding rings online ?

Murgelchen94..... Be yourself...an original is always more valuable than a copy. said...

Hi Ati,
I love your log cabin too and the way the blocks putting together.


Oh, your pages are fantastic.

Claudia said...

Hello dear Ati,
I like the off-center design of your log cabin !
Happy Quilting

Nathalie Thompson said...

Ati, I love your blog! You are SO versatile! I am in the midst of Carole's "Open Your Door" workshop and rabbit trailed away on your blog link. Just stopped in to say "hello". :)

Janet said...

I'm visiting from "I'll Make You Smile"....I like the collage you did in the moleskine. I mostly do mixed media art so this workshop is going to be a challenge for me.

Rhonda said...

I love your wonky log cabin.....log cabin quilts are one of my favorites to make.
Yours looks like a lake where someone tossed a stone into the water giving and ripple effect.
Great job.