21 August 2010

Lovely mail, addition to my journal.

 Last week I got a very nice surprise in my mailbox. It was a bubble envelope from Lottie ( GB). Lottie and I were in the Journal class together and I sent her some pieces of old fabrics.
Here is what she has sent be in return. This is só very nice. I have sewn an envelope in the "Roses of Picardy" journal to keep it there. It is better in the journal than on the wall, because the colors of the embroidery would fade in the daylight, Lottie wrote.
Her is a part of the letter she added to explain. Than you can read how special this gift is !!
During the first World War ( 1914-1818) silk postcards and handkerchiefs were bought as souvenirs by soldiers who were serving on the Western front.
Local French and Belgian women embroidered the different motifs onto strips of silk mesh which were sent to factories for cutting and mounting on postcards.
It is an example of an industry which appeared as a result of war and must have been a useful source of income for families in France and Belgium.
Soldiers would send them in envelopes or if they were lucky, take them home for their loved ones as gifts~hence they were not always written on.
Sadly, many of the soldiers who sent these cards did not returned home. Which makes them especially precious. Just think~any remaining cards are now almost 100 years old~and think of all the stories a card could tell if it could 'talk' ! 

Just click on the photos to see them large.Maybe twice!


ShabbyChicShaz said...

Your postcard is very beautiful and reading the story behind postcards like this, just a little sad. So glad it is being appreciated and treasured :)

Carol said...

What a beautiful treasure.

Leone said...

What a wonderful gift, it is beautiful and the story very touching. Thank you for sharing it.

Rosalía said...

Lovely gifts for us: The card , the notes book, the story...mmm! delicious!

Fabric Art said...

Ati what a wonderful gift, the postcard is so beautiful.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

How lovely for you Ati!
It is perfect for your journal "Roses of Picardy".
As the battle of the Somme took place there, it ties in with Lottie's story - amazing.

Janny said...

Heel erg bijzonder en erg mooi gemaakt !

T's Daily Treasures said...

A beautiful gift with wonderful history. All your journals are gorgeous and your jams sound just divine. :) Best wishes, Tammy

Hannie de Beer said...

Een heel bijzonder aanwinst Ati. Een verrijking voor je "Roses of Picardy journaal!

Lottie said...

It was my pleasure Ati - your material samples are a real treasure for me too and I will be using them in my journalling especially one relating to France - a winter project for me.

As soon as I saw this I just knew it would be perfect for your Roses of Picardy and would appreciate a little bit of history. It's lovely that you have sewn in an envelope to keep it in what a great idea.