17 September 2010

Collage Copenhagen

Today I was ironing shirts, pillow sheets and table cloths and suddenly I found myself cutting and glueing a double page for the capital cities book ;)
Double spread. Book size. Background: Norwegian book pages( which is very similar to Danish).
 Hand writing in Danish and music sheet. Two thin layers with acrylic paint.
 I like that I can read the original words trough the paint. Some leaf stamps.
 Images: the town hall, the statue of the writer Hans Christiaan Andersen. The sculpture of the little mermaid. The entrance of Europe's oldest entertaining park. Two brands of famous Danish beer and a few Danish stamps.
Back to the iron board now, I am not ready yet ;)


Micki said...

Great layout, Ati!

Hannie said...

Dit lijkt me leuker om te doen dan strijken?
Je hebt er weer mooie paginas van gemaakt! Hoe kom je toch aan de bladzijden in al die talen?

Carol said...

I visited Copenhagen many years ago and have fond memories. Love the page layout.

You are one of my recipients of The Sunshine Award. You are always so willing to share your talent with us and do it in a bright and cheerful way.

Find out more at my Thursday post http://ascotintennessee.blogspot.com

Kim Dellow said...

Oh wow! Love your collage! Fabulous. Kim

Muffin said...

Herlig med et lite avbrekk i strykingen. Artig bilde, og mye annet fint nedover her siden sist. Ønkser deg en god helg!

Fabric Art said...

Ati great layout on your pages they are all very beautiful, I have not been made so much - yet, not easy to participate in two workshops at the same time.