31 October 2010

fabric book pages

 Fabric-book page made for Cobi in the Netherlands. Cobi's theme is Autumn.
I made this page on my embellisher machine from wool and silk. And a leaf fragment.
Below the page Cobi made for me. My theme is "Yellow" for this swap.
All those pages are 15 x15 cm. (5" square)

Below is the Yellow page Janny in the Netherlands made for me.
I get a very special yellow-pages book this year with this swap in the Fibre-Fever group.
Thank you very much ladies, I like them both!

26 October 2010

surprise in my mailbox

About a week ago there was a box in my mailbox. It came all the way from Austria.
The most precious pieces of needlework and vintage crochet work was there.
 I got it all from Eva, who reads my blog but she doesn't have a blog herself.
She has so much inherited from her mother and granny. It was too much to keep it all , she wrote.
 Her children took what they liked most. And she sent some to me too use in my work.
Thank you so much dear Eva!
I will use it :)) with pleasure.
I like to point you all to a very  nice give away.
Hop over to this blog: Vintage Bunty.

23 October 2010

New family member

 Today we have got a new family member. She is a lady with a gen or two of a Norwegian forest cat.
 We have picked her op today from the animal shelter.
 She was found on the street in a town and delivered at a host-address of the R.S.P.C.A.
Now she lives with us and I hope for a many years! She is still a bit shy and nervous but that will go better after a while. She is probably two or three years old.
It is very cosy to have a cat again. We always have had animals when we lived in the Netherlands.
We have called her Trippie, after the name of our first cat 46 years ago. She also had three colors.

22 October 2010

Fabric book pages

 Above the fabric book-page I have made for Helga in Germany. Helga's theme is: Fairy's and mystics.
The unicorn is printed on fabric with TAP. For me unicorns are mystic, would it be possible that they have lived a long, long time ago?
Helga wrote that she likes it :)
Below the page Angélique in France made for me . The theme of my second book is: oriental/Japan/China.
I love it. It is a combination of techniques; fabric painting,embroidery and beads. Thank you Angélique !
The size of those pages is 6 inch square. ( 15x15cm)

20 October 2010

October 20 !

This is how it looks out of my window at lunchtime today.
Global warming? definitely not here ;)

13 October 2010

fabric postcards

Here are three birthday cards I have sent out lately.
The fist and third are needlefelt cards and the middle one is in CQ style.
I can show them now because all are received by the birthday ladies.
CQ style card.

07 October 2010

Two quilts have found a new home

 Two of my new made quilts have found a new home in the house of our youngest daughter.
The purple wonky log-cabin quilt will be used as a cuddle quilt on the couch in the living room.
The colors of the living room are white, beige and dark grey with purple accents, so the quilt fits nice :)

Below: the quilt named 'liberty' is for my grandsons bed as a cover. The colors of that quilt are the colors in his bedroom. Beige, dark grey with turquoise accents.