30 November 2010

Cards ready!

The Christmas cards are ready to go in the mail :)
The backs are made from plain watercolor paper.

28 November 2010

ice wall

 In Norway we have the coldest November month since 25 years! All the water is frozen.
This is along the road to our village. I live on the coast near the Atlantic Ocean but the temperature is far below zero Celsius day and night!  No snow yet........

26 November 2010

making Christmas cards

When I was shopping groceries today I found such nice paper-napkins with whimsical angles.
The temptation was too big, I couldn't let them in the shop.
When I came home I searched for some fabric with writing on it and some music-papers.
The whimsical angels and a few stars, a bit very thin fabric pieces with gold. Much glue-water and here it lies overnight to dry.
Just in time to make a few nice Christmas cards of it :)
If you like to give it a try too, HERE is a link to the workshop I made a while ago for the CQ mag online.

24 November 2010

reading and have read...

 It is quit a long time that I was here to tell you what I did last week.
I am reading books :)
 Those books above are three criminal novels by Stieg Larsson called Millennium.
I started a week ago and now I am almost finished with book 3.
Interesting and thrilling. If you like this type of stories ; read them!
They are translated in many, many languages !
Before those books I read the book Hjemkomsten by Victoria Hislop. ( In English: The Return)
This is more or less a historical novel about the civil war in Spain in the '30.
Interwoven with a family history.
I liked it too.
In the meantime I have machine quilted two large quilts for my neighbour and sewn a few fabric book pages which I can't show you before they are received by the ladies in the other countries.
Now I have to catch up with the paper collage lessons :))

15 November 2010

fabric book pages

 Book-page. Theme: walls and doors, made for Lorenza in Italy.

Background made from colored sheep-fleece with the embellisher machine and machine sewing.
Wisteria made from silk ribbon embroidery.
The size is 15 x 15 cm. ( 6 ")
Below the page Helinä in Finland made for me. My theme is "yellow".
Isn't it beautiful? A lovely addition for my "yellow pages" book.


13 November 2010

Vintage colors collage, lesson 2

Collage made from a vintage book cover. I also used the spine of the book.
 A vintage card from my collection and the original stamp of that card which I have used too.
 On the right a little piece of vintage lace. The music paper is also old and original.
 In fact, only the stamping is new ;)

( it's a bit early for Merry Christmas and happy new year but I liked the card)

09 November 2010

New online class

Here are two atc's made with the instructions of a online class. This is lesson one. I already have learned some new things to make the paper atc's look prettier.
The class has just started yesterday, it is not too late to join.
Mary Green gives much information for a reasonable price.
Click here if you want more info.

08 November 2010

AA pages swap

 Last week I did a private swap with Helga B. from Germany. She also is a member of the Fibre Fever group. Those Album Amicorum pages are a kind of friendship pages of the sort that we as children called a "poetry album". The size of those pages is 15x20 cm. ( 6x8")
On the back Helga wrote:
There are two means of refuge from the misery of life - music and cats-. (Albert Schweitzer)

Below the page I made for Helga. I made it in the same style as my other swaps for members of the FF group; half part from my fabric-paper and on the other half, silk ribbon embroidery.
On the back I wrote:
                Life’s greatest happiness
               is to be convinced
                we are loved.
              ( Victor Hugo. 1802-1885)

05 November 2010

CQ block

 Here is a naked CQ block made from very nice old fashion fabrics in "Victorian"style. It is a large block, nice for making a wall-hanging or a cushion.  When added a dark border it becomes perfect.
The size is 45 x 47,5 cm.  17,75 x 18,5 inch.
It is for sale in my Etsy shop.
You always can click on the photos to enlarge.