24 November 2010

reading and have read...

 It is quit a long time that I was here to tell you what I did last week.
I am reading books :)
 Those books above are three criminal novels by Stieg Larsson called Millennium.
I started a week ago and now I am almost finished with book 3.
Interesting and thrilling. If you like this type of stories ; read them!
They are translated in many, many languages !
Before those books I read the book Hjemkomsten by Victoria Hislop. ( In English: The Return)
This is more or less a historical novel about the civil war in Spain in the '30.
Interwoven with a family history.
I liked it too.
In the meantime I have machine quilted two large quilts for my neighbour and sewn a few fabric book pages which I can't show you before they are received by the ladies in the other countries.
Now I have to catch up with the paper collage lessons :))


Emma said...

wow, 3 books in a week! I managed one & a 1/2 on holiday!Love all your book pages, you've been busy ;)

Lottie said...

I am an avid reader too - and I love crime novels. I tend to read at least one a week

My goodness you have been busy making a quilt too!

hannie said...

Natuurlijk ken ik de serie ook! Ik heb alle drie de delen als luisterboek "gehoord"Ook erg fijn,als je geen tijd hebt om te lezen. Ondertussen kun je allerlei handwerkjes doen!
En ook heb alle drie de flims gezien. Op TV. Heel goede verfilmingen! Die kan ik je ook aanraden! Hier zijn ze ook in de bibliotheek als film en luisterboek te huur!

desertskyquilts said...

Oh, the Girl Who books! I've been seeing them everywhere and hearing great things about them. After the first, I might order them for my Kindle.

Eva said...

Dear Ati!
Glad to hear, that you like crime-stories too!!. I'm reading them
bevor going asleep. Not really the
best preparation for a well done night. But I love it. And my husband is taking care of me, while he is snoring............
Eva from Austria

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Hello dear Ati
How nice to know you're an avid reader like me. There's nothing quite like curling up with a good book!!
Wow - you've just made two more quilts, you do have a very good work output Ati!
I promised myself when I finished work that I would take things easy until the end of this year - goodness the months have flown by so fast.

Next year I will be much more disciplined and not such the butterfly flitting between this and that!!!

Have a lovely weekend in Norway!