31 December 2010

birthday card

This is the last photo of this year. The card is for Ritva ( Finland).
Ritva's birthday is on the last day of the year!

Thank you all for your visits and comments throughout the year and I hope to meet you again next year.
Wishing you a nice new-years-evening!

28 December 2010


A few months ago I won a give away from Ulla's blog in the north of Sweden.
Nice knitting yarn which was a left over from mittens she had knitted for herself.
  It was Marks&Kattens ECO baby ull. Warm and soft.
Ulla wrote that it should be more than enough for an other pair of mittens.
Now I had time to knit the mittens.
 I used an easy pattern which you can find on www. redheart.com.
When the mittens were ready there was much yarn left, so I decided to knit a hat to go with the mittens: the republic hat. Pattern on Raverly.
 Ofcourse I had to change the amount of stitches but that was not a problem.
On the Republic hat is a large button on the slip on the edge. I didn't have a large button.
 Instead I crocheted a rose from the leftover yarn.
 It is a bit '20 look now but I like it. Warm over the ears :)
My model is a flowerpot ;-) I couldn't make a photo of myself with the hat and the mittens on.
Thanks again Ulla, now you can see the result :-D

21 December 2010

Christmas card

This is the Christmas card I made for the Christmas card swap in the Fibre-Fever group. It went to Austria.
I would have liked to send a card to all of you, but you will understand that is not possible.
With this card on my blog I like to wish you all a peaceful Christmas time.

18 December 2010

fabric book pages

 This fabric book-page is made for Margreet in the Netherlands. Margreet's theme is birds.
 First I tried to make a real bird but that didn't work for me.
Then I made this whimsical bird and I liked it right away and Margreet also liked it.
 The background is made from my rust-dyed fabric and the bird is made from fabrics and lace I dyed with black currants peel. The green crochet "grass" is the edge from an old doily.
Below the fabric page Ulla in Sweden made for me with the theme: Oriental.
The size of those pages is 15 x 15 cm. ( 6 inch square)

16 December 2010

Christmas table runner

This is a Christmas table runner I have made for my DD birthday today.
You may wonder about the blue color in it?
That's because it has to match with this wall quilt I made three years ago for her.
The size of the table runner is 153 x60 cm.  56 x 22 inch.
It is hand and machine sewn and machine quilted.
As always you can click on the photo to see it large. Maybe twice.

14 December 2010

Fabric book pages

 Here is the fabric book page I have made for Evi in Germany.
Evi's theme was not the easiest in this swap.
 Her theme is "the little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.
 I had to google some pictures and stories. One was particular something what I could do.
The sentence that a little fox says to the prince: if you make me tame, my life will be filled with sunshine.
That is what I have tried to make.
Evi wrote that she liked it, me happy!
Below the "yellow"page which Kath in Greece made for me.
A beauty again. My yellow pages book becomes beautiful with many different kind of pages.
 Thank you Kath!

10 December 2010

Julebakst, Christmas baking

Now it is time to make the baking for Christmas ready. Today baking day!
On the right cocos cookies, on the top of the stove 'hvetestanger'. I don't know the English word for it. It is sweet white bread with vanilla pudding inside. They go in the freezer when cold. When we use them I 'll make sugar-glace on top of the bread parts.
In the oven an English fruit cake. This will stay for two weeks in the cellar and get a drip with brandy now and than on the top. The day before Christmas I 'll cover it with marzipan.
Next week I have to bake a few plates little cookies too with chocolate and almond bits.

07 December 2010

XL Christmas card

Christmas/ new year card made for my youngest daughter and grandchildren in the Netherlands.
 It is more a fabric collage. The vintage new years card is printed on cotton fabric.
 Size 18x24 cm. ( 7,5 x 10 inch)

04 December 2010

December collage challenge

This is my paper collage for the December challenge from Mary Green.  
In my moleskine, one page: 14 x 9 cm.

03 December 2010

double page: Dublin

Paper collage. Background: paper strips and painted with watercolor paint.
The size is 24 x18 cm.
I have been there in 1999 with DH on a holiday trip trough Ireland.
We spent two days in Dublin.
 Visited the great library in Trinity College, looked at the Book of Kells.
Said "hello" to Molly Malone with her Cockles and Mussels.
Took a pint and listen to the Irish music and read Oscar Wilde's: The Importance of Being Earnest.
As always you can click on the photo to see it large, maybe twice!

02 December 2010

Needle felt book-page

This needle-felt book page was made for Hanna in Austria.
Hanna's theme is : trees and leaves.
I made the background from grey natural sheep-fleece with some silk threads.
Than the branch from two colors yarn. The leaves are made separate from colored sheep fleece and sewn on with the sewing machine. The two in the lower right corner are loose leaves, only attached near the stem.
I made this piece on the embellisher machine.
The page I should have received a week ago is late.....