30 April 2010

Fabric paper

 A while ago I made a piece of fabric paper again. I'll use it for the AA's I swap in the Fibre Fever group.
Also made some postcards for birthdays and a few for my Etsy shop.
See the link in the left sidebar.
If you want to make fabric paper, here is the LINK in the CQ mag online.
Look for the article  "Fabulous Fabric Paper".

25 April 2010

reading, knitting, reading....

My view out of the window this week. I am with my DH on a fishing trip on the island Leka in Norway. He catches big cod and other fish which we freeze and take home . It is cold but nice weather. 

During the days I knit, embroider and read and make the hot meals in the end of the day.
There are two other men too and after a whole day fishing they have a good appetite ;)
The shawl is a pattern I have knit before. Shetland lace triangle. Not difficult to knit. Hand-dyed yarn in purple nuances.
The book is a very good written book. It is about three generations women.
A great-grandmother, grand mother and mother of the author. And a little bit about herself.
The book's name is: Hundre År.
( A hundred years)
Written by Herbjørg Wassmo.
She also is the author of : "the book Dina" which is translated in many languages. There is also a movie made of the book "Dina".
 I like books about people inter-waved in a bit of history.
They become almost alive to me.

21 April 2010

Fabric book pages

 This is my fabric book page for Doreen in Australia. Doreen's theme is " your country".
I found it very difficult to choose. In Norway is só much. We have the sea, lakes, rivers, mountains.
There are lots of wild animals and fish. Much culture and folk art.
But because of the winter Olympics I choose a winter- Norway.
I have knitted a half mitten which has Norwegian pattern. I cut it where normally the thumb is. The star pattern is on the back of the hand and the cross pattern is the inside of the hand.
 The ribbon on top is from a ribbon we use on 17 May. The Norwegian national day.
 It is the day we celebrate that Norway got its own constitution law on 17 May 1814. Before that date Norway was under the law of Denmark.
Then I used the crocheted skates which I made a while ago.
Two buttons are from Norwegian national clothes and a little pin with the flag.
On the back I sewed an union label because I thought it is nice to see that in our language we use an Å , å and an Ø , ø.

Below the page Marja in the Netherlands made for me. My theme is "yellow".
Marja made a very nice page for me with nice embroidery and many shades of yellow.
Those fabric book pages are 15 x 15 cm. (6 inch) square.

18 April 2010

Blueberries Shawl

Here is a shawl I call "blueberries". The pattern is called: In the land of Oz by Adrienne Fong.
The shawl / scarf is not very large, the wingspan is 120 cm. 47,5 inch.
Above a detail of the lace pattern. I have used one skein, 100 gram, 400 yard.
 100% merino yarn, hand dyed by Saffron dyeworks.
This is number 6 in the 10 shawls in 2010 group on Raverly.
Below the view from my window this morning at 09.00, the poor daffodils are shivering....

16 April 2010

AA pages

 This is the Album Amicorum page I made for Janny in the Netherlands. Half part is my fabric-paper and the other half is fabric with silk ribbon embroidery. A poem in Dutch on the back.
Below the page Peggy in Germany made for me. Those pages are 20x15 cm. ( 6x8")
On the back Peggy wrote:
I'm an idealist.
I don't know where I'm going
but I'm on the way.

13 April 2010

Card swap

Hannie and I did a private card swap. The cards are 15x15cm. ( 6" )
The one above is made by me from my newest piece of fabric-paper. ( rood means red in Dutch)
Below the card Hannie sent to me. Lots of different materials, the pink bubbles is tyvek.
Very nice swap, thank you Hannie.
Shawl number six is on the needles ;)

07 April 2010

Shawl number 5 ready

Shawl number 5 in the 10 shawls in 2010 group on Raverly is ready. This pattern is called Traveling Woman. You find the free pattern HERE.
I have kitted it from Ficolana Lammeuld color: ice blue. Bought at http://www.123knit.com/
I have used needle 3 mm. ( US 2,5) 
I am very happy with it. It is soft and light and warm around the shoulders.
For the knitters: I knitted the stockinette section up to 173 stitches and did 6 A chart repeats before I started with chart B. Ended up with 378 stitches.
From the 600 meters ( 100 grams) I have 20 grams left.
The shawl measures: wingspan 162 cm ( 64").

05 April 2010

knitting and last eggs

Today was knitting day. While the sun was shining and the newborn lambs went out in the meadow, I was knitting Selbu mittens from Norway. In fact only a half mitten. I decided that a half mitten was enough for the purpose I shall use it for. I made it not easy for myself. The grey yarn was a bit thinner than the white one. But that was what I had.
The last eggs are waiting :-)

03 April 2010

Just in time...

 Yesterday evening I finished this table runner. The first one ( see two posts below) went to daughters kitchen table. I made a new one for myself which has the same fabrics as the wall hanging has. Also made on the new machine, only the chickens eyes are made by hand with a french knot. Size 140x 50 cm.
 To my readers who celebrate Easter: I wish you very peaceful days!

02 April 2010

Crocheted potholders

Originally uploaded by Ati. Norway
Two pair of shiny white potholders made for DD2.

ice skates

ice skates
Originally uploaded by Ati. Norway
Crocheted skate shoes. Iron skates made by DH from metal wire.
To use later this month.

Original Ballangrud skates from Norway, Doreen ;)

01 April 2010

Shabby chic roses

 This morning surfing on my Google reader list I found a lovely shabby rose at Anni's blog.
She was so kind to give the link how to make them. I had to try it this afternoon :)
Above the one which is with glue, but I always have problems with glue :(
So I sewed the most part of it, much better :)
Below my own version, but I like the rotated centre better. Here is the LINK with a video.