30 June 2010

fabric book page

 Lucy in the sky with diamonds

Picture yourself in a boat on a river,
With tangerine trees and marmalade skies
Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly,
A girl with kaleidoscope eyes.
Cellophane flowers of yellow and green,
Towering over your head.
Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes,
And she's gone.
Lucy in the sky with diamonds.
Fabric book page made for Helinä in Finland.
Helinä's theme is "the songs of the Beatles".
The size of this page is 15x15cm. 6" square.

27 June 2010

A tour in our garden

Although it is a bit grey today, it is dry and 18 degrees Celcius.
This is the garden back our house, we love it!
The gardening is DH 's job, and he does it with pleasure :)

26 June 2010

three more WISP blocks

Three more blocks for my wool lap-quilt.
 Number 7,8 and 9.
 Only embroidery, no lace, no beads.
Those blocks are 20x20 cm. 8x8 inch.
I use sassa lynne perle fine for the seams. The bullion roses are made with DMC perle 5.
Now I have to sew several blocks together and embroider the new seams too.

23 June 2010

give away

This morning my DH drew a name out of a bowl. On the paper stood : lindaschiffer . Hello Linda, I need your name and address to send the purse too.
Please write it in the comment field below. I will NOT publish it, of course!
Thank you all for your comments. It was nice to know where my readers come from :)

22 June 2010

journal progress, nice mail and garden

Although it is still very cold and mostly grey, the garden has started to bloom.
We are longing for nice sunny warm weather!

This came in my mailbox today. A thank you card from Jolanda,  about 5x7 ".
Thank you ! Jolanda, very nice! I hope the painting of the laces goes well :)

Here the progress of my shabby chic journal.
Still a long way to go :)

18 June 2010

journal making part 2

Yesterday I teared up the painted water color paper for my journal class at Carole.If you like to do the same, it is not too late to join!
I stamped a bit too, made some stains and now it is waiting for the next step :)

17 June 2010

Chinese blue shawl

Pattern is called KIRI.
I used needle US 4 - 3.5 mm
Yarn : 2 skeins La Cancha Alpakka 3/11.
 Shawl number 10 in the 10 shawls in 2010 group.

for the knitters: 14 repeats of pattern before making the border.
Little bit of yarn left.
Wingspan 180 cm ( 76”)
High along the spine 72 cm. (30 “)

16 June 2010

over 100 000

 Yesterday evening I saw that I have had over 100 000 visitors on my blog since 1-1-2008.
My goodness, I wonder where they all come from?
I have decided to give away this little crazy quilt purse to one of my readers who leave a comment here in the next week. Come back next week and see if I need your address to send the purse too :)

15 June 2010

A mess in the scullery

What do you think of this? Not me, really ;) paper, paint, water...
I follow the workshop from KiwiCarole making a shabby chic journal. This is phase one.
I always like the look of those things, but when I try to do it myself I always end up neat and tidy.
Now we will see where this ends.... LOL

13 June 2010

Album Amicorum swap

 Above the AA page I have received from Cobi in the Netherlands. Unknown techniques for me but I like it very much. It is hand dyed fabric with paint and something which puffs up.
On the back Cobi wrote:
 We can learn from the trees. They are always grounded, but never stop reaching heavenwards.
 ( Everett Manor)
 This is the AA Marja from the Netherlands has sent to me.
 A patchwork background of hand-dyed fabrics.
 Two vases made from wool and fibers.
 On the back Marja wrote: Flowers from your own garden are a great treasure.
 ( She has sent empty vases so that I can fill them with flowers from my garden, she wrote on the card.;)
Here is the AA I made for Helga in Germany. As all the other pages in this swap of the FF group, I made the  half part of my fabric paper and the other half with silk ribbon embroidery.
On the back I wrote: We cannot all do great things but we can do little things with great love.
( mother Teresa)
The size of those cards is 15 x20 cm. 6 x 8 inch. 

11 June 2010

wisp 6

 The sixth wisp block. I tried to embroider the wild hyacinths from our garden but I think I need some embroidery lessons from Anne ;-)
 In fact they are nicer in real, I made them with one strand of (premium hand dyed) silk floss from Vicki Clayton.
The other seams are made from Sassa Lynne threads.
Block size 20x40 cm. 8x16 inch. All wool fabrics from used clothes.
In fact this colors are almost the real colors. The block #5 was too light because of sharp sun. Now we have a cloudy day.

10 June 2010

private swap

 Angélique in France asked me if I would like to do a private swap. She would like to get a page with flowers. I asked her if it was okay to make a piece with my fabric-paper and she said: yes.
Below the page Angélique made for me in my theme "yellow".
Those pages are 15x15 cm. (6"square)

08 June 2010

Wisp block number 5

This is the fifth block of my WISP project.( Work In Slow Progres)
 The weather was so nice the last days so I could sit outside and stitch. This block is 20x40 cm. 8x16 inch. It is all wool fabrics.I have used Sassa Lynne threads, mostly perle fine.
If you like to see the other wisp blocks, just click on the label 'wisp' below this post.

06 June 2010

Raspberry juice Shawl

 This is my newest shawl. The pattern is Shetland lace triangle from Evelyn Clark. It is an easy pattern to knit and I like the result.
I have knitted it on needles 3,5 mm. The yarn is 50% merino wool and 50% silk. Very soft and with a nice shine. I used the whole skein, 435 yard, only a few yards left.
I did 12 A charts of the pattern before starting the edge pattern.
The size is: wingspan 153 cm ( 60"). High along the spine: 61 cm ( 24").
It is already in use, the color fits perfect with two of my blouses :)
Of Course I don't need all the shawls for myself, a few are knit as presents ( they are allowed to make their own choice), a few are in my Etsy shop for sale and maybe I will add more shawls for sale when the birthdays are gone.

03 June 2010

AA swap again

Here is an Album Amicorum page again which I made for Monika in Germany. 15x20 cm.
Monika is also a member of the Fibre Fever group.
 On the back I wrote:
Life’s greatest happiness
is to be convinced
we are loved.
( Victor Hugo. 1802-1885)

Below the page Monika made for me. Many different materials. The photo doesn't justice the colors, sorry.
It looks very nice in real!
On the back she wrote:
You are just anybody for the world, but for somebody you are the world.
( Yasar Celik)

01 June 2010

warm red shawl

If you click on this photo twice you can see all the colors red much better.

This shawl is my eight shawl in the group 10 shawls in 2010 on Raverly. The pattern is called Faraway, so close.
I made it larger than the pattern says.
 More eyelet rows and I also added a row nupps.
I used more than 500 yard of 2 colors hand dyed Merino yarn. Knitted on needle 3 mm. (US 2,5)
The size is 147 cm, 58"wide and 65 cm, 25,5 high along the spine.