30 September 2010

thank you card

 An double card made for a friend to say: Thank you. It is made in the colors she uses in her living-room, black and white and yellow accents.  Special note: the yellow fabric on the inside of the card are the rests of a piece of fabric I 've got from her a few years ago. On the last page I wrote my message.

21 September 2010

' wonky ' log cabin ready

The ' wonky ' log cabin quilt for my daughter is ready. It is machine sewn and machine quilted. I did a meandering in the log cabin part and a kind of freehand swirl in the border.
The size is 155 x 200 cm.

18 September 2010

More fabric book pages

 Two more fabric book pages, size 15 x15 cm. In the Fibre fever Yahoo group we now do two book-pages  swaps at the same time. Above the page I have made for Peggy in the USA. Peggy's theme is "vintage ladies". I made this page in CQ style. A bit 'art deco'( 1925-1940) The lace is vintage, it comes from my grandmothers sewing box!
Below the "Yellow"page , which Helga in Germany made for me. She used different materials and home deyed fabrics to create this. Real fabric art. I like it very ! much. Thank you Helga!

17 September 2010

Collage Copenhagen

Today I was ironing shirts, pillow sheets and table cloths and suddenly I found myself cutting and glueing a double page for the capital cities book ;)
Double spread. Book size. Background: Norwegian book pages( which is very similar to Danish).
 Hand writing in Danish and music sheet. Two thin layers with acrylic paint.
 I like that I can read the original words trough the paint. Some leaf stamps.
 Images: the town hall, the statue of the writer Hans Christiaan Andersen. The sculpture of the little mermaid. The entrance of Europe's oldest entertaining park. Two brands of famous Danish beer and a few Danish stamps.
Back to the iron board now, I am not ready yet ;)

16 September 2010

fabric book-pages

 Here are two fabric book-pages, 15 x15 cm. 6 "square.
Above the one I made for Evi (Germany). Evi's theme is: Dream Garden. I made this page from colored sheep fleece into needlefelt with my embellisher machine. The image of the cupid statue is printed with TAP on fabric. I stitched some machine stitching to make the wall continuing on the left side. On the right side I created two rose bushes with silk ribbon embroidery.
Below is the page Anne in Germany made for me.
My theme for this swap is: Oriental ( Japan-China)
Isn't it beautiful what Anne made for me? I am delighted!

14 September 2010

Preserving vegetables .

 However the summer was wet and cold, the last 10 days in September we have had nice weather.
The runner beans and the green beans in the kitchen garden have grown in those 10 days.
For my DH, the kitchen garden is a lot of work. And it is very sorry for him ( and me) when nothing grows properly.
As you see there is leek and green cabbage ( boerekool) too for the winter.
Like other years I preserve the veggies we cannot eat at once.
It is much work too, but in the winter it is so convenient to have some glasses with vegetables ready in the cellar!
It is much less than other years but I am happy what I have so far.
Now it is raining cats and dogs again and the temperature sunk to 9 degrees Celsius.
Lucky we who have a heater :))
Now I can go back to my sewing. The wonky purple quilt is almost ready.

11 September 2010

double page, Oslo

Today I made a double page for European capital cities book. Background Norwegian book pages, glazed with two layers acrylic paint and a thin layer gesso. I also stamped some leaves. There is the Royal palace, Edvard Munch paintings, two of the 192 sculptures from Gustav Vigeland in the Frogner park. The picture on the right bottom is a fragment of the gate of that park, also from Vigeland.

It was hard to make a choice, there is so much to see in Oslo. I would have a old viking ship there or the town hall but the shape didn't fit with the other items.
I don't know why it looks so yellow on the screen, but the pages are more green in reality.

08 September 2010

Online workshop Collage Coterie

 Above lesson 6 from the online workshop I do. The prompt given was 'alter'. I painted an old book page with 3 layers of very thin acrylic paint and gesso. I have used two of the four images which came with the lesson. I cut them up in several pieces so that it looks totally different from the original. This is made in the moleskine journal, double page.

Below the result from lesson 7. The prompt was 'layers'.
I made this wall-hanging from an old book cover.It had nice end paper with a frame and many stains. I didn't cover it all. I also saved the mark of the shop. ( the little brown rectangle besides the photo) It is unique, the shop doesn't exist longer and the telephone number is só short :) First I copied a page from a book which has the dialect from the area Westfriesland in the Netherlands, where I grew up.The photo of the farmhouse and the map are copies. The photo from the Westfriese family is original. I have had this photo for years and now it was time to use it.
The lace is vintage. I used the triangle to repeat the roof of the farmhouse.
The size of the double book-cover is 24x13cm. ( 9,5x12 inch) without the hanger and the lace-triangle on the bottom. 


05 September 2010

På tur

 After a bad, cold and wet summer we have beautiful weather now.
Today we went with our daughters family into the mountains. The first piece we drove by car on a kind of road. The views were great. After the "road" ended, we walked.
The most lovely little flowers and berries on the ground.

 Here we are , me and my daughter walking. It is very special,so high in the mountains, no trees at all!
It was a special occasion , in the neighbourhood they organize such a day every year when the weather is nice. We took with us some food, all the others did that too.
Coffee, cakes, grilled sausages and rømmegrøt. Delicious!
This event is hold on a place where are still a few cabins. (stølsvollen)
 For fifty years ago families lived there during the summertime with the cows and the sheep. One of the old cabins belongs to our daughters family.
I have had a wonderful day today!

03 September 2010

new life for flea market book

 Here is the first double page I made to fit in a old book cover (below). I have used techniques which I have learned in the workshop Collage Coterie.
Do you remember I bought old books on a flea market a few weeks ago. This is one of them. I left the cover as it was, I liked the old paper and the red linen strip. I only have added the image from a painting from Alphonse Mucha.
 I have glued a new end paper on the inside covers and use the old book pages to make the collages on.
The book holds together with three loose leaf rings.