30 January 2011

What I did......

What I did in a dull, grey and rainy weekend: I machine quilted a table runner in a meander pattern.
 I prepared pieces of watercolor paper to make a new shabby chic journal.
I have printed vintage postcards and photos on fabric. They are so nice to have in stock when I have to make fabric postcards.
I nearly didn't notice the dull, grey and rainy weather :-)

27 January 2011

birthday cards

This birthday card is made for Peggy in the USA.
The background is vintage crochet lace.
A pin with the Norwegian and USA flag.
 And a strip in the flag colors.
Below an onion label.
 I thought the Norwegian letters are maybe interesting for an USA lady ;)

They don't have the Ø and Å.
This card is made for Helga ( Germany).
Background in crazy quilt style.
I have hand-painted the lace flower spread with Ozecraft dye.
Both ladies are members of the Fibre Fever group and are in the birthday card swap.
That means that you get 16 nice handmade cards on your birthday this year.
I am almost looking forward to that event, not the fact that I become a year older ;)

23 January 2011

fabric book pages

 Here is the fabric page I made for Marja in the Netherlands. Marja's wish was one large butterfly on a page. The photo is a side view,than you see better  that the butterfly is three dimensional.
I have melted several layers with organza on each other and added sequins and beads. The butterfly is sewn on the page in the middle.
Below the last yellow page from this swap in the Fibre fever group. This page is made by Doreen in Australia. Isn't is lovely?
Now it is my turn to make a cover for those yellow pages and turn them into a fabric book!
The size of those pages is 15 x 15 cm. ( 6 ")

17 January 2011

Mother book 2

This is page 2 of my "mother book". This is the mother of my grandmother.
I have used original seam tryouts on linen on the left page.
Also her handwriting from my grandmothers poetry album. This is is printed on fine cotton, also the photo.
The black woven fabric is also vintage. The lace on the left upper corner is antique.
Don't think I am a barbarian who cut up antique laces. This are all bits and worn-out pieces which I have collected over the years. The cap on her head is sewn from this type of lace.
This cap was used on Sundays to go to the church and with special occasions such as weddings.
Those few centimeters was the best piece from a piece of 20 cm. The rest was only holes and frayed. My great-grandmother wore a gold "westfriese "( North-Holland) cap with handmade bobbin-lace from Beveren ( Belgium). If you are interested how such a cap is sewn, here is a link where you can see the whole process.
The three buttons are also antique, maybe from her dress?

My grandmother and her daughter saved everything. Thanks a lot grandma and aunt :)
As always you can click on the photos to see it large.

07 January 2011

New project, mother book 1

This is a new project. I have saved many things for this for a long time now. I'll make a "mother" book.  The first page I finished before the new year. This is my grandmother from fathers side. The page on the left is a photo as a young women, the page on the right was taken on the day that she was married for 40 years to my grandfather. This grandmother was very! good in crocheting! In the left corner  a piece of a doily which she made and the little circle also.
I loved my grandmother very much. It was a pity she died just a few months before our daughter was born. She looked só forward to become a great-grandmother.
 I have handwriting and photos of all my grandmothers, great grandmothers and great-great grandmothers unless one. It becomes an 'in between' project.
It will take a while, special now I have got the flu a week ago, no energy to do something!

01 January 2011

Happy New Year!

A new year has started. What will it bring?
I like to wish you a good health, prosperity and much creativity!
card from my private card collection.