17 January 2011

Mother book 2

This is page 2 of my "mother book". This is the mother of my grandmother.
I have used original seam tryouts on linen on the left page.
Also her handwriting from my grandmothers poetry album. This is is printed on fine cotton, also the photo.
The black woven fabric is also vintage. The lace on the left upper corner is antique.
Don't think I am a barbarian who cut up antique laces. This are all bits and worn-out pieces which I have collected over the years. The cap on her head is sewn from this type of lace.
This cap was used on Sundays to go to the church and with special occasions such as weddings.
Those few centimeters was the best piece from a piece of 20 cm. The rest was only holes and frayed. My great-grandmother wore a gold "westfriese "( North-Holland) cap with handmade bobbin-lace from Beveren ( Belgium). If you are interested how such a cap is sewn, here is a link where you can see the whole process.
The three buttons are also antique, maybe from her dress?

My grandmother and her daughter saved everything. Thanks a lot grandma and aunt :)
As always you can click on the photos to see it large.


Susanne said...

Oh Ati,
your pages are wonderful, all this antik lace.......gorgeous!

Hannie said...

Geweldig Ati,ik ben gewoon sprakeloos!
En zo mooi dat gebruik van een oude naden en stekenlap.Heel bijzonder met haar handschrift erbij!

fabriquefantastique said...

Thank goodness they saved everything

Eva said...

Dear ATi!
Thank you for sharing your memories
with us.
.....and glad to see that you got
well again!
Eva from Austria

Anna said...

Ati,the bookpage is so nice.

suziqu's thread works said...

Ati I just find your journal so interesting - it is so beautiful and you are so lucky to have these pieces to treasure and make such a keepsake. The making of that Westfriscian lace cap is so fascinating and so detailed. You could even place the damaged and freyed piece in your journal under a piece of organza for preservation because it so precious every bit of it!
It is just wonderful!
Thank you for your lovey comment!
Love Suzy

Lottie said...

Oh Ati - what precious treasures and such a wonderful heirloom for all the family to treasure

RosalĂ­a said...

Ati, I'm very proud of your wonderful works.
So, I will offer an award, "Arte y Pico", look in my blog in the post of saturday.
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You can pass this award to other people. Conditions are writen in spanish. If you have some help about , ask to me for the rules.

Fabric Art said...

Wonderful pages Ati, your Mother book will be a great tribute for mothers in your family.