16 March 2011

fabric book pages

 This is the fabric book page I have made for Ulla in Sweden. Ulla's wish was flowers and beads.
I have made the needlefelt background from wool fleece on the embellisher.
The lace flowers are painted with Ozecraft dye. The other three flowers are from a silk plant.
The flower-hearts are filled with beads.
Also a swirl from beads on the needlefelt.
The size is 15 x 15 cm. ( 6")
Ulla wrote that she likes it :)
And she also wrote this:
A book page for March reminding me of Japan and the cherry blossom but also the sadness I feel for all the people in Japan and the contrast between a cherry blossom in March and the situation in Japan just now.

That are the same feelings I have.
It is a coincident that both March pages remind us what is happening in Japan.
I feel very,very sorry for all those people who have lost everything.

Below the fabric page Margreet in the Netherlands made for me with the theme: Japan/China.
I think it is a beautiful page and a nice addition for my next fabric book.


Hannie said...

Misschien toch geen toeval,dat de pagina die je maakte wat Japans aandoet? Die vreselijke ramp is in ieders gedachten,en onbewust heeft dat invloed op je werk! Heel mooi ,ook de pagina die je kreeg uit Nederland.

Ulla said...

I'm so happy for the page you have made me and it gives a a little hope in these days.In January my son,his wife and a friend of them made a travel around a beautiful japaneese landscape and now....It's pictures showing a landscape now only in their memories.