03 March 2011

mother book 3

This is the 3rd double page for my "mother book".

This is the grandmother of my grandmother. She was born 100 years before me!
The handwriting which is printed on fabric is hers.
The off-white embroidered fabric on the left page is also original. It's from a nightgown.
The lace in the upper corner on the right page is original hand made bobbin lace from Belgium called: Beverse kant or Rijselse kant. It is the type of lace that was used in the cap on her head.
The pages are each 20 x20 cm. ( 8")


Robin Mac said...

Ati, those pages are beautiful. I am so amazed that yu have original material from so long ago. Cheers.

Hannie said...

Ook weer heel bijzonder! Nog meer doordat je de originele kant en handschrift gebruikte. Het is dus je overgrootmoeder.. Heel mooi en apart!

Mona said...

Flotte stoffer og blonder. Har så vidt prøvd meg på en blokk i crazy quilt. Har mye å lære. Ha en super dag.

Moia said...

Lovely, I like the combination og pictures and fabric.
Hug from Moia

suziqu's thread works said...

Hi Ati
Thank you so kindly for your comment on my journal. Nothing is quite so special though as those small antique treasures from your great grandmother.
Are you able to hand these down to your children? Such beautiful work!
Love, Suzy