27 April 2011

Progress wisp quilt

This is the centre piece of my wisp quilt now.
I have sewn together the blocks I had ready with embroidery.
Many new seams came up ;)
Now the new seams have embroidery too.
This centre piece measures now 80 x 80 cm. ( 32 x 32 ")
The whole quilt will measure, when ready 120 x 120 cm. (48 x 48 ") and a border of course.
Now I have done this so far I more and more admire the antique crazy-quilts with all the embroidered seams. This quilt get no beads and lace, only embroidery.

24 April 2011

Easter holiday

 DH and I are on a little holiday on the island Leka in Norway. We rented a family cabin and a little fishing boat.
Here is my view from my cabin window this week. I took those photos yesterday. The weather was beautiful! Today also!  Below the little boat and the fish DH got yesterday.
In the afternoon we clean the fish and freeze it. On friday we drive home and take the frozen fish with us.
Most of the fish is cod, delicious!
I knit, read and embroider on my wisp wool quilt. And walk a little. And cook the meals of course ;-)
As always you can click on the photos to see them large!

20 April 2011

Happy Easter

This little girl ( and I) wish you happy Easter days.
Paper collage. Double page in my Moleskine journal.
Background: torn papers and a bit gesso and some stamping.

17 April 2011

Violet socks

 The violet socks are ready. Knitted from 100% wool yarn.
 Pattern: February Lady Sock by Kate Atherley. (Raverly)
Shoe size 41 (EU). Made for DD1.
The second pair is on the needles. Other pattern :)

13 April 2011

new journal ready

New shabby-chic journal made for DD2. Book size. 22 x 14 cm.
It has 40 pages . You see nine here.
I will not show them all, otherwise it is no surprise for her when she gets it!
Many pages to write on for her :)
I think ?? this is my last journal for a while. Now I have other things to do.

10 April 2011

three little shabby journals

The last few days I spent my time making three little shabby journals for the swap at Lenna's.
I hope the receivers like them. They can write in it, little phrases,  poems or notices.
They go in the mail now.
If you are interested in this swap it is not too late to join.

07 April 2011

A mess and 50% socks ready

 This is the mess I get when I start making a journal. The whole large table in my sewingroom full of papers, glue, lace pieces, ribbons and other embellishments.
The mess on the floor is almost the same ;-)
Below the socks I knit. One ready, the second just started.
Yarn: Slackford Studio, LLC Bonny BFL Sock
Pattern: February Lady Sock by Kate Atherley  ( on Raverly)

05 April 2011

new fabric book pages

 In our monthly swap in the Fibre Fever Yahoo group we have started with a new round. ( although the other round is not finished yet) In this new round I made this page above in CQ-style for Birgit in Germany. Birgit's wish is pages in creme/white.
Below the page Anne from Germany made for me.
My wish for this round is: an impression of a painting from your favorite art painter.
This painting is from Joan Miro, the name of the painting is: woman in front of the sun.
I think it is very special and I like it a lot.
Anne likes special the color blue in this painting, she used lutrador for the background, which was precise the color she needed.
A new adventure began with this page, 10 more to come. That can become a very interesting book!
The size of those pages are 15 x15 cm. ( 6")

03 April 2011

Blue leaves shawl

The blue shawl is ready too. I fact last week but I had to block and dry it.
It is a huge shawl, very soft and warm, like a cardigan :)
The yarn is: Merino silk made by Hjertegarn.dk.
It is 60% merino wool, 20 % silk and 20% bamboo.
I used nearly 6 skeins and needle 3,5 mm. (US 4)
The size of the shawl is: wide: 191 cm. (75")
High along the spine: 82 cm. (32")
Made for myself :)

02 April 2011


After 3 days of hard work, gluing, stamping, and sewing is here the new journal.
It has 40 pages, many empty. It is for a young woman to write in.
Here you see a  collection of nine photos. If you like to see them separate, go to my Flickr page, click here. And simple click on next photos.