27 April 2011

Progress wisp quilt

This is the centre piece of my wisp quilt now.
I have sewn together the blocks I had ready with embroidery.
Many new seams came up ;)
Now the new seams have embroidery too.
This centre piece measures now 80 x 80 cm. ( 32 x 32 ")
The whole quilt will measure, when ready 120 x 120 cm. (48 x 48 ") and a border of course.
Now I have done this so far I more and more admire the antique crazy-quilts with all the embroidered seams. This quilt get no beads and lace, only embroidery.


Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Ati,

Love how i is turning out! All the embroidery stitches are great.
Can't wait to see the border.

Hannie said...

Je bent er goed mee opgeschoten Ati. Het is een fraai gezicht zo die blokken aan elkaar! Je hebt gelijk om alleen te borduren en geen kralen toe te voegen.Is niet nodig . Zo is het al een prachtig geheel!
Nu alleen nog de rand?

T's Daily Treasures said...

It's beautiful Ati! I never finished piecing my crazy quilt block. Sewing sure takes patience and I seem to have so little now. I love the look of the crazy quilts with all their embellishments. Just lovely. Best wishes, Tammy

tiny said...

Hij wordt schitterend, wat een mooie borduursteekjes heb je er op gemaakt. Ben benieuwd hoe je de rand erom maakt.

Willa said...

Hi Ati,This is gorgeous! It will look just like an antique when it is done. You did a great job of capturing the look.

so-crazy said...

Your wool quilt is coming along nicely I love what you have done so far, looking forward to seeing the finished piece.