20 May 2011

Fabric-book pages

 Here is the fabric-book page I have made for Helga B in Germany.
 Helga's theme is "games"( no sports).
I made a quarter of a scrabble board and the words Fibre fever ideas.
The swap is in the Fibre Fever Yahoo group.
Below the page I 've got from Angela (GB).
 My theme for this swap is: an impression of your favorite art painting.
 Angela wrote that she likes the old paintings with Victorian ladies and flowers.
The size of those pages is 15 x 15 cm. (6").


Shiree said...

oh so very cute!! I love this work, and so much effort has paid off, stunning!

Anonymous said...

Game page was very clever and the lady page lovely. Jane in MO

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Ati,

Your Fabric book Game page for Helga turned out great. I love the one that you received from Angela. It is very Victorian.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

How clever you are Ati - the scrabble page is amazing!
Angela's page is very sweet too.
Fingers never idle in your house!

Hannie said...

Een heel aparte pagina die je maakte! Weer eens heel iets anders.
Ook de pagina die je kreeg is prachtig!

Janny de Roo said...

Wat een goed idee om een scrabble-pagina te maken Ati. Altijd weer moeilijk om in de juiste stemming te komen, voor zo'n pagina....!